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Where trends in colour, texture and finishes in beauty may change with the season, the staples of beauty have remained unchanged for close to a decade - glowing skin, hydrated lips and well defined eyebrows.

Despite taking up minimal real estate on the face, eyebrows have the potential to completely change your look. Gone are the pencil thin eyebrows of the 90s. Today, we herald a natural brow that compliments the natural shape of the eye. What shape that is will vary from person to person, but how one maintains that shape is universal and requires the help of a few eyebrow grooming tools.

Is it time for you to update your brow routine? Here are the essential, universally applicable steps that will get your eyebrows looking tip top without fail.  

The perfect canvas
The essential first step in any eyebrow grooming routine is perfecting their shape. Eyebrow waxing, threading or tinting should never be left to chance. Visit a professional eyebrow artist and work with them to determine the look you’re after, be it full, fine, dramatically arched or soft and feathered. Regular eyebrow maintenance is a good idea if you find that your hair grows back quickly, but an initial shaping session with a professional may be all you need if you have naturally sparse brows.

When it comes to defining, filling and setting your eyebrows with makeup, there are a few different options as far as product textures go - you may prefer to pick one and keep your routine streamlined, while the beauty aficionado might reach for a number of different products!

A brow pencil is perfect for really defining the shape of your brows. A fine pencil is ideal, as anything too thick can create a squared-off look or block of colour, meaning your brows will start to look drawn on rather than naturally defined. The jane iredale Retractable Brow Pencil is perfect as the tip is very fine, it includes a spoolie with which to groom the brows, and it’s waterproof which means there’s no chance of sweating it off during the steamy summer months. The Retractable Brow Pencil is available in five shades including two brand new colourways - Medium Brunette and Ash Blonde.

Work in gentle “flicking” motions when defining your brows with an eye pencil to create the illusion of natural brow hairs (another reason why a fine pencil is ideal!).

jane iredale Brow Products

Happy with the shape and definition of your brows, but want them to look thicker and fuller? Then a wax and powder combination is for you. Unlike any other brow product textures, an eyebrow wax is three dimensional which allows you to almost replicate the texture of natural hairs. The powder is designed to be applied on top of the wax to add colour, using the “feathering” motion as per a brow pencil.

The jane iredale GreatShape Eyebrow Kit combines your wax, powder, spoolie and applicator brush into the one travel-sized compact, meaning you won’t risk losing a tiny tool in the depths of your handbag nor will you need to carry four products at once. The powder is water resistant, so another perfect product for the summer months, and the botanical brow wax works to both hydrate and nourish the brow hairs as well as keeping unruly brows in place.

A great brow gel is an essential regardless of the density of your brows, the look you’re hoping to achieve or your makeup application skill level. A brow gel can be applied on the go, so it’s as low maintenance as makeup gets, it can add depth of colour and texture to sparse brows, plus it works to set thick, unruly brow hairs in place. The jane iredale PureBrow Brow Gels come in three colours to give your eyebrows a natural tint, as well as a clear alternative to give your look some polish even on a no makeup day. The clear PureBrow also doubles as a lash-nourishing clear mascara, or to add a level of water resistance to your regular mascara. 

Explore our range of brow products here and pick your perfect shades.

Words and images by @gemkwatts


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