Launching 15 November

Lash Volume Amplified. Clean Benefits Multiplied.


Come clean

Traditional mascaras can contain toxic chemicals that irritate eyes. Beyond Lash includes consciously chosen, good-for-you ingredients and has been extensively tested so it's safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

Bamboo Stem Powder

A natural alternative to nylon fibers that helps add length and volume to lashes.

Basil Root Extract

A strong antioxidant that helps lashes feel fuller and look healthier.

Rice Bran Wax

A vegan alternative to beeswax that helps provide a strong yet flexible coating.

More than meets the eye...

Meet our New Magic Wand

Easy on the Eyes

Made with nourishing ingredients that enhance performance, our 98% naturally-derived formula delivers the dramatic volume of a traditional mascara in a nourishing, flexible formula for healthier lashes.

No carbon black

Our high-quality, proprietary iron oxide blend delivers rich pigment without negative effects.

No parabens

We formulate without phthalates and parabens, which can be drying and irritating to eyes.

No teflon

A synthetic chemical that can create a sleek finish but has been linked to negative health effects.