5 Simple Ways to Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

Out with the old, in with the new. New year, new beginnings. A fresh start. We’ve heard them all before. As cliché as they may sound, a lot of us have a penchant for organising and decluttering our lives, homes, desks and wardrobes. However, the one item that often gets forgotten is our makeup collection.

Unlike our clothes, shoes and paperwork, cosmetics can cause health issues if not reviewed on a quarterly basis. Mascara can clump, foundation can spoil and lipsticks can crack. Here are our tips on keeping your makeup bag in top condition.

Replace mascara and liquid and gel liners every 6 to 12 weeks

We all wish that first swipe of a new mascara that leaves lashes feeling full, rich and moist could last forever. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and mascaras, along with liquid and gel liners are one of the first products to deteriorate. Why you ask? It’s simple really, these products are continually exposed to air therefore the moisture content depletes making formulas dry and clumpy. Not only does it make it difficult to apply but bacteria can build up, which can cause skin irritation and infection.

Check cosmetic expiration dates

Just like food, makeup has an expiry date and even though some of us like to push our luck with these (“it’s just a guide” – sound familiar?) it’s best to take these deadlines more seriously. An expiry date, or PAO (more on this below) is there for a reason, to keep formulas and active ingredients fresh. It’s recommended that you check all packaging dates and throw away anything that is long past this date. Sometimes your nose will tell you that a product is ready for the bin. 

All our products have a Period After Opening (PAO) label, which contains the symbol of an open jar with the number of months the consumer can expect to use the product at its optimal performance. You can learn more about this here.

Invest in quality, clean beauty products

When it comes to powder based products such as powder foundations, bronzers, blushes and eye shadows it’s best to invest in high quality products that last longer in your makeup bag. All jane iredale powder based products are inert, which means they cannot support or harbour bacteria, so they can remain in your makeup bag for up to two years once opened (POA is 24 months).

Makeup Hygiene: Keep your brushes and tools clean

Would Picasso have ever used dirty brushes? We’d assume not! Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential so that your jane iredale makeup remains pure and your skin healthy. Any oil or dirt that is left on your brushes will transfer onto powders leaving a hard shiny film that prevents product from being picked up and applying evenly onto your skin. We recommend shampooing your brushes once a week minimum, using a good quality shampoo to dissolve any build-up of makeup, oil or dirt. Our Botanical Brush Cleaner can be used daily for cleansing brushes, to help dissolve, oil, grime and makeup build-up. Best for in-between thorough brush washes!

Seasonal Makeup Colour Matching

Revisit your colour palette to ensure your makeup still matches your complexion; chances are your skin may be looking a little more bronzed or your hair may have lightened a shade or two over Summer. Just like your wardrobe changes for Summer, so should your makeup. Take our online Foundation Quiz for assistance with finding your ideal foundation shade.

Phew! We made it to the end of our makeup overhaul. Now that the hard part is over it’s time for the fun part. Shopping! It’s the perfect time to invest in some new fresh shades that will not only enhance your features but match your skin tone for the new season ahead.

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