A Day In The Life Of Cassey Maynard...

Cassey Maynard is a fitness guru, adventure seeker, and beauty lover. Cassey is a fitness expert for Women’s Health Magazine and Channel 7’s “The Morning Show” and part of the BUF Girls team, as well as a self-confessed jane iredale mineral makeup addict! We asked Cassey what a typical day looks like for her and how she keeps her skin glowing throughout the day.

Cassey Maynard

"Life as a trainer is an extremely rewarding job but it can also be extremely taxing on your body. For me I’m awake (well kinda!) and out of bed by 5am most mornings. My routine is pretty simple - out of bed, drink a big glass of water with lemon essential oil, get dressed, brush my teeth, deodorise and off I go."

"I hate being late, so my makeup routine is left for the car, while I’m parked at the beach waiting for my first clients of the day. Without a doubt, my favourite product to use is jane iredale Glow Time BB cream. It has been part of my daily routine for five years. It is so easy to apply (even in the darkness of the early morning!) and makes my skin and tired eyes look fresh, glowing and amazing. As an added bonus, it has SPF in it so it’s great for an outdoor trainer. Best of all, it honestly lasts all day, even after multiple workouts. If I could take one product to a deserted island this would be it!"

"To finish my quick, five minute routine I pop on a little bit of In Touch Cream Blush on my cheeks and Longest Lash Mascara on my lashes and then I’m done and ready to teach my classes."

"After my morning of teaching, it’s time for me to get sweaty. At the moment I’m absolutely obsessed with Pilates. It makes my body feel strong, long and lean. I also love HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well as walking, yoga and dancing on weekends… hehe! By 9am I’m ready for a shower and breakfast, then it’s into the office for me. The only time I need to apply more makeup is if I’ve got a photo shoot. On those days I use the jane iredale PureMatte Finish Powder, another favourite of mine. It sets my face, photographs well and keeps me looking camera ready for hours!"

"Another way I get glowing skin is from eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. I don’t believe in fad diets or food restrictions. I love food and encourage all my clients to eat a varied diet... My general rule is that if it has nutritious value, it’s worth including in your diet! I try to eat the colours of the rainbow, then add lean protein, healthy fats and good carbs and you’ve got an energy filled body ready to take on any challenge!"

"For my nighttime routine, I’ve recently discovered the jane iredale Magic Mitt and it has completely changed my life! No need for soaps or cleansers that can contain hidden nasties, and it removes all the grime from my face after my busy day. Once I’ve had dinner (and sometimes a cheeky glass of red!), it’s time for my beauty sleep, ready for whatever the following day will bring!"

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