A Professional's Guide To Our NEW Animal-Friendly Makeup Brushes

jane iredale makeup brushes flat lay

Our new, rose gold brush collection has been redesigned and relaunched using luxuriously soft, synthetic hairs made from animal-friendly Naturon and Taklon fibers, which are superior alternatives to natural hair. Not only are they beautiful, they're designed for better payoff and coverage and are also good for the planet - what more could you want in a makeup brush

No makeup kit is complete without the right brushes. While some products lend themselves to on-the-go application with your fingers, a true professional's kit contains enough tools to ensure you have all bases covered - literally.

Want to do your makeup like a professional every day? Use this checklist to complete your kit, or determine which specific brushes are worth your investment based on your beauty needs.


Foundation Brush: This flat brush allows you to paint on your foundation, giving you complete control of the coverage.

Blending Brush: This brush is used to buff or stipple cream and liquid foundations into the skin for a flawless finish.

Flocked Sponge: A non-latex sponge will allow you to build up the coverage of your foundation for an airbrushed complexion.

The Handi Brush: The perfect brush to apply any powder foundations and setting powders.

Chiseled Powder Brush: Use this slightly denser brush when you need a little more coverage from your powder foundation.

Camouflage Brush: Think of this one as a miniature foundation brush, giving you complete control over the coverage of any small blemishes.

Sculpting Brush: This one works to blend and buff in any concealer to erase harsh lines, and it doubles up as an eye shadow brush!


Fan BrushThe luxuriously soft white fan brush is perfect for applying bronzer, blush and shimmer powders.

Kabuki Brush: We love using the multi-use Kabuki brush to sweep bronzer over the face. It also works well for loose powder foundations.

Retractable Handi Brush: A flat-topped, retractable brush is a pro-kit essential to take on the road as it can be used for everything from powder foundation to blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Blending/Contour Brush: Perfect for applying brush, an angled blending brush can also be used for light contouring and blending.

Contour Brush: This brush will allow for precise contouring, letting you sculpt the face with both cream and powder products.

Dome Brush: If you like to layer your cheek products (like we do with highlighter!), a medium sized domed brush is the perfect kit addition.

Blush Brush: The perfect shape for anyone who prefers to apply the highlighter with a gentle touch.


Eye Shader Brush: This short brush will allow you to pack on colour with precision.

Deluxe Shader Brush: A medium density shader. A slightly larger brush that will let you build up colour with more subtlety.

Large Shader Brush: A wider shading brush means you can sweep eyeshadow over the entire lid in one go.

Chisel Shader Brush: A similar shape to your shaders, this firm brush packs on serious pigment and is your secret weapon in mastering a cut crease.

Crease Brush: A fluffy, domed brush that you can work through the crease of your eyelid or use to blend out and soften a completed look.

Angle Liner Brow Brush: Think of this one as a contouring tool for your eyes, allowing for the precise application of eyeshadow.

Detail Brush: A multi-use, dense, domed brush that can be used for adding detail to any eye look as well as sweeping shadow along the lower lash line.

Brow Brush: A very fine flat brush used for applying brow products, allowing you to mimic the shape of natural brow hairs. Our favourite brow brush has a sponge tip at the opposite end for smudging and applying gel liners.

Smudge Brush: A flat brush with a rounded head that allows you to smudge out eyeliner for a worn-in, smokey eye look.

Angle Definer Brush: The perfect brush with which to apply liquid and gel eyeliners.

Deluxe Spoolie: An absolute essential, designed for combing brows but perfect for removing mascara clumps from your eyelashes!


Retractable Lip Brush: So many lip products come with great applicators now, so a number of brushes aren’t necessary. A retractable lip brush is the perfect do-it-all lip tool, allowing you to paint on your lip colour with precision.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts