Four Steps to Ageing Naturally

HydroPure - Model ApplicationAgeing with grace is a lifestyle choice that should be self-lovingly guided with a positive mindset over matter. But, as the world spins in a clutter of uncertainty, and consumerism runs wild without global consent of what is truly good for people and planet, managing our time to harvest a life we are proud of, while remaining healthy and happy in our own skin, resonates more than ever.

Feeling overwhelmed or influenced by factors outside of our control can provoke unnecessary strain on our physical and/or mental wellbeing. But an empowering fact… we can choose what and how we filter out the unwanted, to help minimise stress, boost morale and savour our youthfulness for longer.

Nourishing our thoughts, body and lifestyles to improve overall wellbeing starts with healthy habits and clear intentions, prescribed on a daily basis. And by doing our own research, as well as seeking expert advice, to adopt the wisest self-wellness regime, will create a reassuring base to embrace ageing naturally, with confidence.

It’s a busy time of year, but a good time to reset stale habits and cleanse beauty cabinets for a fresh approach forward. So to help flip ‘anti-ageing’ to ‘pro-ageing’ with grace naturally, we identify four key steps to help revive your wellness and beauty regime.

Step 1. Hydrate: Critical for living and functioning at optimum health. Drinking clean water is our greatest elixir to regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients and keep organs functioning at optimum health. Monitor your daily intake to maintain good hydration to boost energy and eliminate toxins.

Step 2. Nourish: Eat well. Clean, fresh and locally produced is best. Feed the mind with beautiful thinking to inspire creativity, positivity and mindfulness. Nourish skin. (Our largest and most vulnerable organ that protects us from harsh external factors such as bacteria, chemicals and climate.)

Step 3. Protect: Meditate in the morning to armour your mind space prior to launching into a busy day. Wear suitable clothing, not only to suit the mood but to protect skin from the latest climate ratings which seem less forgiving everywhere lately. Wear SPF for full coverage protection every day.

Step 4. Rejuvenate: Go gently. Move the body and massage the mind. Exercise daily. Contribute towards career and community often. Most importantly, sleep well, knowing that your mind, body and soul need rest to restore and rejuvenate vital cells to maintain youthfulness for longer.

If anti-ageing is a tricky subject to implement into your daily beauty regime, we are here to help. Be assured that jane iredale embodies clean skincare makeup with you and the environment in mind, every step of the way.

There are so many youth-defying products to recommend from the jane iredale collection, but one hero that springs to mind is a natural all-rounder and new to our foundation family. HydroPure Tinted Serum is an advanced beauty skincare formulation with ultra-hydrating ingredients that tick all of the above four steps in one:

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Step 1. Hydrate: Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture by holding up to 40 times its weight in water; Step 2 and 3. Nourish & Protect: Vitamin C helps to reverse UV damage and suppress melanin formation; Step 4. Rejuvenate: Coenzyme Q10 helps to reverse the signs of ageing.

HydroPure Tinted Serum delivers sheer coverage enriched with nourishing, natural extracts for a more youthful-looking skin and is a beautiful starter to add to the daily regime. it can be applied alone, or as a base to enhance your favourite jane iredale foundation.

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"Makeup and skincare in one ✨ 
One of my favourite mineral makeup brands, @janeiredaleaustralia have kindly sent me their HydroPure Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & CoQ10 ($100 RRP) which is the perfect mixture of makeup and skincare. The serum is ultra-hydrating with a beautiful natural, dewy finish. Not only does it diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines but it also evens out your skin and gives powerful antioxidant protection.

I love wearing tinted creams during the day and a little goes a long way with this one! All I do is then add some blush for a glowy complexion ✨ I love how it makes my skin look, so subtle and youthful." - Verified by Natalia W @chicontherunblog

HydroPure - Content CreatorAgeing really is an unconditional yet healthy relationship we must have with ourselves. Go gently. Celebrate youthfulness and nurture the ageing process naturally. Life is too chaotic to skip out Mother Nature’s youth-defying essentials. View all skin-nourishing products here.