How to apply Eye Shadow for a Natural Makeup Look

Soft and smokey eye shadow look

Enchanting eyes as easy as 1, 2, 3… 

Here’s the thing: you buy that eye shadow palette you’ve had your eye on for some time. It's new, alluring and shiny, with that gorgeous shimmer shade you’ve been drawn to. There are mattes, shimmers, dark shades, light shades and something in between. But where to start? You wonder as you stare at the colours. What shades to use and where? With what? What purpose does each shade have?

Eye shadow application can often lead you down a little rabbit hole, one filled with a myriad of colours, and sparkles and if you’re doing it right, some fun! Eye shadow makeup is all about enhancing our most complimented feature. It should accentuate the eyes, creating the right amount of depth and highlight, in all the right places, which all depends on the colours you use and how you apply them.

Light colours highlight and bring features to the forefront. They look especially pretty on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Our favourites for this include PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles Bone, French Vanilla and Oyster.

Dark colours add depth and contour. Perfect for increasing the intensity of a look when placed on the lash line, outer corner and/or crease. Use shades such as PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles Dark Suede and Jewel.

Medium colours marry the light and dark shades, diffusing them together. The most important part of eye shadow application is blending! PurePressed Eye Shadows Singles Sienna or Supernova are perfect for this.

Decorate your eyes with the many, vibrant shades within our PurePressed Eye Shadow collection. Allow us to help you, in a “paint by numbers” style of application.

Eye Shadow Diagram showing the different areas of the eye for eye shadow application


1. Lash line

The bottom of your eye, just underneath the waterline. To open up the eye add a medium shadow to the outer half.

2. Crease

Where your eye naturally folds. Medium-dark shades will hollow, contour and define.

3. Lid

The mobile part of the eyelid. Medium shadows are great here and use shimmer shades if you want your eyes to pop.

4. Upper Lash Line

The area above the eyelid where the lashes begin. Dark colours may be used in place of liner.

5. Outer Corner

The outer corner of your eye. Add dark to medium shades to deepen and elongate the eyes.

6. Inner Corner

The inner corner of the eye, near the tear duct. Add the lightest and brightest shades to open up the eyes.

7.  Brow Bone

Directly beneath the brow. Light colours here will pull your eyeshadow look with the rest of the face and support blending.



Eye Shadow Makeup Look to Try

Soft & Stormy Smokey Eye, featuring NEW Storm Chaser Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Follow the lash line (1) with the medium shade Rumble using the Eye Contour Brush to begin defining the shape of your eye.
  2. Continue with the shade Rumble into your crease (2) adding Thunder to continue hollowing out the crease.
  3. Wet your Camouflage Brush with the Calming Lavender Hydration Spray before you dip into the shade Calm (if you want a more sultry look use Rain) and place this all over your eyelid (3). Once dry take your Crease Brush to blend with your crease shades.
  4. Dip into Hurricane with your Eye Contour Brush and apply this to the outer fourth of your upper lash line (4). Remember this shade is super pigmented so a little goes a long way.
  5. With the minimal amount of Hurricane on your crease brush diffuse the lash line (4) and outer corner (5) of your eye - making sure these shades are well blended.
  6. Using the Detail Brush take the shimmery snow shade Lightning and place it on your inner corner (6) and on the brow bone (7).
  7. Finish your look with your favourite mascara, we love Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara because you can achieve volume and length with only a few swipes. Learn more about clean mascara application here.
  8. Spritz Calming Lavender Hydration Spray, to set and step back to admire your work!

Eye Shadow arm swatches showing the jane iredale Storm Chaser Eye Shadow Kit

Additional Application Tips:

  • Blending your eye shadow: use a clean, fluffy brush to soften any harsh edges or transition colours. Use light pressure so your shadow stays crisp and not “muddy.” For this, we love using the Crease Brush.
  • If you’re new to applying eye shadow, consider applying a medium shade as your base tone to transition between colours more easily, using a lighter shade to highlight the brow bone, or inner corner of the eye.
  • PurePressed Eye Shadows can be used wet or dry! 
    • Amp up your look by spritzing the Eye Liner Brush with a Hydration Spray and line your upper lid with a dark shade. 
    • For a foiled effect, spray your brush with a Hydration Spray and dip into a metallic shade for a glamorous look. It will turn the powder into a creamy shadow that applies effortlessly to the lid.

Different types of eye shadow application using the Storm Chaser palette jane iredale

Explore our range of PurePressed Eye Shadows and get inspired with the variety of shades available as singles, triples and 6-well kits. Share your looks with us on social media - tag @janeiredale_australia on Instagram.