How To Simplify Your Beauty Routine

The Skincare Makeup System

From multitasking natural mineral makeup to healthy skincare formulas, jane iredale creates clean-beauty products that are as good for the skin as they are beautiful to wear. 

Simplifying your makeup routine can be challenging when you want to achieve the same desired full-coverage, luminous face makeup base. Let's elevate your foundation experience by prepping your skin with our skin-quenching Smooth Affair® Face Primer and setting it with a powerful antioxidant protection face spritz.


The Foundation of Great Skin 

Get everything your skin wants from makeup by simplifying your beauty routine in one high-performance system. 3-steps to follow along this simple makeup tutorial:


Step 1. Prepping. Nourishing. 

Start with our ultra-hydrating Smooth Affair® Brightening Face Primer to smooth the skin's surface, even out skin tone and assist your makeup in lasting longer for all-day wear. Our Brightening Face Primer creates an extra layer of protection between your skin and makeup and is designed to do exactly as the name suggests - brighten the skin! It achieves a healthy, youthful glow by helping the skin retain natural moisture throughout the day. Fun fact: Our Brightening Primer also reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. 

When it comes to application, a little goes a long way! Dispense a pea-sized amount of primer from the tube, and massage it to your face and neck using the warmth of your fingertips. Alternatively, we recommend our large, flat synthetic Foundation Brush if you prefer brush application over fingers. You are moving in downward flat strokes, beginning from the top of your face. 

SkincareMakeupSystem_BlogAssets5Our skin-loving Brightening Face Primer is certified as cruelty-free by PETA and CCIC. Meaning it's ideal to use on even the most sensitive skin types, as we don’t include any chemicals or parabens in our products. The extract from grapefruit is used as an emollient for the skin (retain moisture). At the same time, the apple extract helps maintain the skin's youthful elasticity and keeps moisture in the hair.


Step 2. Perfecting. Natural-Looking. 

Achieve flawless coverage and a skin-like feel with our #1 Best-Selling one-step PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation— ideal for a 'bare-but-better', providing foundation, concealer and sun protection in one. 

Apply our PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation in downward strokes to help the minerals lay evenly on the skin. This is best applied with The Handi™Brush, a flat-headed, large-bristled brush. To quickly transform your look from daytime to nighttime, and additional coverage, use a damp (we recommend spritzing with our Pommisst™Hydration Spray) Flocked Sponge to create an extra layer.


Let's talk skin-loving ingredients; we promote mineral-makeup products that are like your own skin, only better. Our skin-boosting formulas combine skincare science and powerful natural ingredients, so you can enjoy the long-wear performance while nourishing your skin.

Our PurePressed Base is carefully crafted with ingredients that help to soothe, hydrate, and protect. Our titanium & zinc oxide provides reef-safe sun protection. Pomegranate extract provides natural antioxidant protection, and pine bark extract helps promote an even skin tone. At the same time, algae extract nourishes and soothe all skin types. 

With over 55 five-star reviews, be the judge for yourself. 

SkincareMakeupSystem_BlogAssets3Step 3. Setting. Lasting. 

Brighten and protect with our secret weapon Pommisst™Hydration Spray. 

A spritz of our hydrating face sprays uplifts your spirits and sets your face makeup with natural and organic botanicals. Our Pommisst is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect setting spray for bases while concealing pores and fine lines and fighting against radical production caused by sun exposure. 

Spritz generously (at least 20-30cm away from your face) to set minerals for all-day wear, with the added benefit of a pomegranate scent. 

Words by our Verified Buyers to describe Pommisst. 

"Beautiful!" - Patricia Q

"Amazing" - Stacey B   

"Love it!" - Lisa M 

"Simply beautiful" - R. O'Brien

SkincareMakeupSystem_BlogAssets4The top three hero clean-beauty ingredients are Grapefruit Extract, which promotes luminosity and skin radiance*. Pomegranate Extract; is shown to enhance UV protection and clarity in the skin*. Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary); acts as a refresher that balances and tones the skin.* 

*Ingredients from Organic Farming**

**Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard available at

Editor's Note: This post was published in April 2023. All products and information stated are accurate, fresh and comprehensive.