Preventing Eye Shadow Creasing

Smooth Affair for Eyes
Let’s face it; makeup application can be an art that takes a certain degree of skill to master. However, getting that skill can and should be creative and enjoyable. One skill that we often find people struggle with is eye shadow creasing. The good news? We have an easy fix to this everyday makeup faux pas!

Eye shadow creasing is often caused by excess oil production on the eyelids, and instead of staying on your lids, it settles in the folds, a look that nobody wants! We have two versatile products that can create a beautiful eye shadow base that will give you a gorgeous eye makeup look every time, ensuring your eye shadow stays where it should and lasts throughout the day.

We use a primer for the skin and lashes, so why not the eyelids? Using an eyelid primer improves the skin’s texture, helping your eye makeup apply smoothly and ensuring it stays in place.

Smooth Affair for Eyes

A weightless, cream-to-powder formulation that smooths the eye surface and gives your eye shadow colour more intensity and longevity. It glides on seamlessly for a sheer, smudge-proof, long-lasting, and luminous finish. It's available in six buttery shades that can be worn alone as a light eye shadow or as a primer underneath a powder eye shadow.

A key ingredient in our Smooth Affair for Eyes is Cocoglycerides, which helps to smooth the product and provides staying power. Smooth Affair for Eyes can also be used as a highlighter on the face and lips.

Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow

An alternative to our Smooth Affair for Eyes (but equally impressive) is our Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadows. They are soft, shimmery, and creamy, and they won't quit! These quick-drying liquid eye shadows have a smooth and luxurious formula that will not crease or smear. They also help camouflage shadows and veins on the eyelid and are available in three shades: Brown Silk, Champagne Silk and Peach Silk. You can use these alone or layer them with a powder shadow.

@artisaneyelashes Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow

You can use your fingers to warm and blend to apply both of these products. We recommend our Sculpting Brush for the best application if you prefer a brush. Remember, less is more! Start with a small amount of product and build if necessary. This is especially important with the Smooth Affair for Eyes – if you find it becomes a little clumpy, keep working the product, warming it up and moving it around the eye. It should be pretty sheer and smooth.

Professional Makeup Tip: We suggest applying a mattifying foundation onto the eyelid before eye primer application for further staying power. Our favourite? PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation.

Using the same method as a face primer, our eye primer formulas prepare the eyes so that makeup goes on easier and lasts longer, preventing your eye shadow from sinking into the creases.

Disclaimer: This product collection is no longer available. View our range of long-lasting, crease-resistant Eye Shadows here.