SPF Myth Busting & Mineral Makeup

SPF Myth Busting and jane iredale Mineral Makeup

We’re not telling you anything new- you know that your first line of defense against both skin cancers and the visible signs of ageing is adequate sun protection.

What we want to do is help to debunk some myths and clear up a few common SPF misconceptions. Sun protection is essential to the health of your body and your skin, and we want to ensure you have the tools on hand to keep those things functioning at their very healthiest!

Myth 1. You only need to wear SPF in the Summer

The sun’s rays contain UV, which is what leads to photoageing (which is the ageing of the skin, the creation of sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines and the breakdown of collagen) and can contribute to the development of melanoma and other cancers of the skin. While the UV may be higher in the summer (or whenever the sun is out), it’s important to remember that UV comes in a few forms- the most potent of which are UVA and UVB. UVA has the ability to penetrate both clouds and glass, meaning it is present year-round. If you’re heading outside, if you drive to work, or even if you work indoors near a window, it’s important to keep your sun protection up all year. As a rule of thumb- if there’s enough natural light in a room for you read without having to turn a light on, then there’s enough UV in that space to have an impact on your skin.

Myth 2. Applying your sunscreen once in the morning is enough for a full day of sun protection

Applying sunscreen in the morning is a really great start, but there are a number of different ways that you can protect yourself from the sun- sunscreen is just one of them! Protective clothing and shade are also important factors when it comes to sun protection, so utilise them wherever possible!

If you’re spending a bit of time outdoors, if you’re swimming or if you’re sweating (or a combination of those activities!), it’s important to reapply your SPF a few times throughout the day. Applying makeup with a secondary SPF (like most of our foundations) is a really great way to do this, as you’re able to layer your products and top up that protection without ruining your makeup (or having to remove it, apply more sunscreen, and start again)!


Our go-to for an SPF top up is our Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, which is an SPF20 product and offers broad spectrum protection, meaning you’re protected from both UVA and UVB rays. That said, we know how inconvenient it can be to carry around a tub of loose powder and a brush, particularly if you’re on the go, which is why we love the Amazing Base Refillable Brush. The Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder can now be purchased in refill cartridges, which you can insert into your brush handle, allowing you to access and apply your SPF top up in the one step.

The Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder sits beautifully over Glow Time Pro BB Cream, Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser and even the PurePressed Base, all of which contain SPF between 15 and 20.

Myth 3. Makeup with SPF will break me out and leave a whitecast

While some sunscreens may break out some skin types, the same can be said for just about any product! If your skin is particularly sensitive or acne-prone, we recommend choosing makeup (with SPF!) that is breathable. Look for products that contain natural botanicals and ingredients that really care for the skin. The entire jane iredale range can really be looked upon as an extension of your skincare, with each product rich in skin-loving ingredients.

Sunscreens once left a thick, greasy, white film on the skin, however colour cosmetics and traditional sunscreens now boast elegant formulas. Technology has changed, as have the ingredients on offer to us, so whitecast is a thing of the past!

Myth 4. It’s only important to apply SPF to the face

The face, neck and décolletage are some of the first areas to show sun damage and visible signs of ageing, however the entire body can be damaged by the sun unless it is adequately protected by sunscreen and/or protective clothing.

Some of the most commonly forgotten areas also happen to be areas where our sunscreen can quickly rub off- our hands and our lips. Rather than working an additional step into your routine, we recommend opting for products that already contain SPF to keep your regimen simple and your sun protection effective. We love LipDrink Lip Balm, which deeply hydrates dry lips while offering a sun protection factor of 15, and the HandDrink Hand Cream, which is also SPF15 and works to replenish dry, overworked hands.

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Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts