Better Brows Made Easier

Where trends in colour, texture and finishes in beauty may change with the season, the staples of beauty have remained unchanged for close to a decade - glowing skin, hydrated lips and well-defined eyebrows.

Despite taking up minimal real estate on the face, eyebrows have the potential to completely change your look. Gone are the pencil-thin eyebrows of the 90s. Today, we herald a natural brow that compliments the natural shape of the eye. What shape that is will vary from person to person, but how one maintains that shape is universal and requires the help of a few eyebrow grooming tools.

Is it time for you to update your brow routine? Here are the essential, universally applicable steps that will get your eyebrows looking tip-top without fail.  

The perfect canvas

The essential first step in any eyebrow grooming routine is perfecting their shape. Eyebrow waxing, threading or tinting should never be left to chance. Visit a professional eyebrow artist and work with them to determine the look you’re after, be it full, fine, dramatically arched or soft and feathered. Regular eyebrow maintenance is a good idea if you find that your hair grows back quickly, but an initial shaping session with a professional may be all you need if you have naturally sparse brows.

Expertly define, shape, and tame your brows with face-framing eyebrow makeup in natural-looking, long-wearing shades. Arguably the most important feature on the face, the brows help to frame and balance your face and complete any makeup look, which is why it’s so important to get them right! We have three versatile products available in our all-new PureBrow® Collection to perfect brow makeup: PureBrow® Precision Pencil, PureBrow® Shaping Pencil and PureBrow® Brow Gel! 


When it comes to defining, filling and setting your eyebrows with makeup, there are a few different options as far as product textures go - you may prefer to pick one and keep your routine streamlined, while the beauty aficionado might reach for a number of different products!

Our PureBrow® Precision Pencil works perfectly for defining the shape of your brows and filling them in a natural-looking way. With its ultra-fine tip, it allows you to expertly and precisely shape the brows by mimicking small hair-like strokes. It’s great for filling any spare areas too. The formula is long-wearing and even better, it’s waterproof, so will stay put without smudging through sweat, rain or swimming. The PureBrow® Precision Pencil is available in six new, versatile shades! 

Work in gentle “flicking” motions when defining your brows with an eye pencil to create the illusion of natural brow hairs (another reason why a fine pencil is ideal!).



Our PureBrow® Shaping Pencil can be used to shape and fill your brows with the convenient tear-drop-shaped tip. With the pencil being double-sided, you are able to seamlessly soften and blend the colour as well as fluff your brows with the spoolie. Our new PureBrow® Collection has three new nourishing ingredients. Vitamin C helps to reduce brow breakage, as well as promotes brow health. Vitamin E serves as a topical antioxidant, helping to support healthy skin and hair. Finally, Synthetic Wax aids in longevity of wear and water resistance.



A great brow gel is essential regardless of the density of your brows!

To tame and set your brows in place, our PureBrow® Brow Gel is essential! This low-maintenance gel is easily applied and can be done so on the run. Use the brow gel alone to add colour or apply over either the PureBrow® Precision or Shaping Pencil to set the brows in place or add an extra depth of colour and texture. Available in six shades that add a natural shade to your brow makeup and is also available in clear for those who still want the same great benefits of our brow gel but minus the tint.

Explore our range of brow products here and pick your perfect shades.

Editor's Note: This post was initially published by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts in February 2019 and has recently been updated for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness by jane iredale Australia in December 2022.