Your Makeup Routine For The New Year

Have you thought about switching up your makeup look lately? With beauty, we can often continue doing what we’ve always done even when our skin and lifestyle changes. The new year is always full of promise and hope for our year ahead, and what better way to start than to overhaul your makeup and skin care routine. We’ll show you how.

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1. Skin Health and Hydration
If your makeup isn’t going on smoothly, looks cakey, is separating or generally uneven, you may need to take a look at your current skin care routine. It could be as simple as using a good exfoliator to remove dead, dry skin cells or it may be the introduction of a skin care serum/booster to improve hydration. Speak to your skin therapist if you think you need a new skin care prescription. The health of your skin affects the finish of your makeup, remember jane iredale always says ‘the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin’.

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2. Makeup Tools
When was the last time you cleaned or purchased new makeup brushes and sponges? Do you have the right tools for your everyday makeup look? Did you know that brushes are key to perfecting a natural makeup look? Too many questions? Well, the right tools make all the difference and are critical to the overall finish of your makeup look. Clean brushes are even more important – cleanse your brushes at least every month to avoid bacteria build-up, oils, makeup build-up, uneven application and to increase brush longevity.

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3. Foundation Regime
Have you been using the same product and shade for years? Let this year be the year you perfect your complexion with a foundation regime that suits your skin in the present. We all know our skin changes as we age, so why use the same shades and formulas you did 5-10 years ago. Your skin could be crying out for hydration, maybe it needs shine control to minimise large pores or breakouts... your current go-to may not be right for your current skin condition. Make sure you chat to your skin therapist to see if there is something else you should be using this season to reveal your best looking skin.

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4. SPF
If you are going to do just one thing for your skin this year make it SPF. The feeling of heavy SPF creams on our skin often means that we don’t apply it - that’s where jane iredale comes in with our lightweight foundations. We have four physical sunscreen foundations that will keep you protected while evening out your complexion at the same time. There are no excuses now as sunscreen in your foundation is the easiest way to shield your skin. 

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5. Throw out old makeup
Have you taken a good look at your makeup bag/box/drawer recently? What have you got lurking in there? It’s time to toss away your out-of-date makeup to simply your life and declutter. If you haven’t used it in the past six months, get rid of it!

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6. Dreamy Skin
Our skin goes through a lot in one day, the least we can do besides eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting eight hours of sleep is to use good quality skin care and makeup and to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate every single night. Now we all know jane iredale is safe to sleep in, because it doesn’t contain any nasties but that doesn’t mean pollution, oil and sweat should be taken to bed with you. If you need a quick fix, get yourself a magic mitt, it’s a game changer.

jane iredale flatlay #2

7. Unique Beauty
Have you mastered your own personal look? What does it take to make you feel alive, fresh and the best version of yourself? Maybe a little definition around your eyes? A pop of colour on your lips? Bronzer to warm up your complexion? Foundation to even out your skin tone? Mascara to lengthen and colour your lashes? If you know exactly what you need to do each morning to add a little brightness to your face, invest in the right products that’ll simplify your regime and make your morning routine a breeze. Commit to mastering your ‘I woke up like this’ look this year and feel good in your own skin.

To refresh your beauty routine, head into your nearest stockist and let your therapist show you how to freshen up your look and clean out your makeup bag. To locate your nearest stockist click here.