5 Common Makeup Myths, Busted!

With so many so-called ‘facts’ out there, we have to ask the question, what’s actually true? To help you determine fact from fiction, we’re busting some common makeup myths below so that you can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to your beauty regime.

Myth: makeup causes breakouts

We’ve all had them and most of us turn to our makeup as the main culprit. However, if you are using a high grade mineral makeup like jane iredale, it is simply not true. We have many accounts from acne patients testifying to improvement in their skins since using our mineral makeup. We don’t include ingredients that cause irritation or sensitivities to the skin like chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, FD&C dyes and talc. All products have been safety, allergy and clinically tested. But be aware, not all makeup brands claiming to be mineral are good for your skin. Know your ingredients and do your research. 

Myth: pumping your mascara will give you more product

Ladies, this must stop. Pumping your mascara wand will not lead to thicker lashes; in fact, it will do the complete opposite and create a clumpy look.

When you pump mascara you are inviting unwanted air into the tube, which means the product will ultimately dry. If you have to pump, you may not be using the right formula to achieve the effect you are after.  If you want volume and maximum impact, try PURELASH® LENGTHENING MASCARA, the lash extending mascara will leave you with no urge to pump, just gently twist the wand from the tube and voila, long beautiful lashes all day, everyday. If you want to take it to a whole new level, apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner under your mascara. Beware once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Myth: layer foundation for full coverage

We know how tempting it can be to get coverage in one step; however, this common mistake can be the catalyst for a cakey complexion. With jane iredale, it’s all about layering, for a natural radiant look it’s better to build up your makeup gradually, in layers. And that is why we always recommend our hydration sprays. Apply foundation, spritz with one of our hydration sprays, roll press with a Flocked Sponge… and if you need more coverage, repeat. By spritzing in-between you are essentially setting your minerals and allowing the next layer to bond to the surface of your skin effortlessly. It also lightly wets your Amazing Base or PurePressed Base so that you get a flawless liquid finish to your skin.

Myth: your fingers are your best tools for makeup application

We understand the urge to use your hands to apply your makeup, from foundation to eye shadow, on behalf of your face we politely encourage you to invest in a few key tools that can maximize your makeup usage and improve your overall look.

Some bases are great to apply with the warmth of your fingertips, such as Glow Time BB Cream and Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer. But when it comes to Liquid Minerals, a formula that is packed with skin care liposomes, a brush is best. Did you ever think that maybe your hands are absorbing the active ingredients before they hit your face? You’ll use more product too, so it’s a wise move to use a foundation brush. For all other makeup products i.e eyeshadows, blush, liners and brows – we can’t stress enough, that you need to be using the right tools. We have over 28 brushes to choose from so that you can apply your products like a pro. Not only will you find that your makeup looks better and lasts longer with the application of a brush, you will save up to three times more product per application. Treat yourself and your face will love you.

Myth: match foundation to your wrist or hand

When testing foundation, of course the most convenient place is often your hands, but don’t be fooled by how the colour appears on this part of your body.

We’re often told to match foundation to areas other than our face, but it really makes no sense, as the colour is going to vary from face, to hands, to wrists. For best results, it is important to test for colour accuracy on your jawline in natural light on clean skin; this will ensure your foundation is the perfect shade for your complexion.

Most of us use sunscreen on our face daily, in our skin care perhaps, so you may find that your face is lighter than your neck and chest. The best advice we can give is, always match your foundation to your face and if it is lighter than your sun kissed neck and chest, start using a little bronzer – not all over; just on the top of your forehead, along your cheeks and jawline and blend into your neck. If you are wearing your hair up, bronze the back of your neck, too. You may also find that you need to switch shades in summer and winter.

If you have any makeup questions that you need answers too, please send us a facebook message and we’ll share our expert knowledge and tips with you and all our fans. We’d love to hear from you!

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