5 Fabulous Foundation Brushes

Makeup artists know the right makeup brush makes all the difference to a flawless makeup application. jane iredale has a great range of exclusively designed foundation brushes to suit every foundation in the range.

We explain each brush, down to its bristles! And which density, shape and size works best for each base. Foundations fall into two main categories; wet or dry.  Liquids and creams (wet) are best applied with a synthetic brush as these bristles don’t soak up as much product while powder (dry) foundations are best applied with a natural hair brush as these bristles grab onto the powder and prevent you from depositing too much product onto your skin.  With the correct tool, you’ll have more control, use less product and achieve perfect coverage every time.

The Handi
A flat headed, long bristled powder brush made of soft goat hair, specially designed for our PurePressed Powders.

Chisel Powder Brush
A long, full powder brush with medium density bristles made of soft goat hair. This brush is really versatile, use with our Loose Powders, Blush or Bronzers.

Foundation Brush
Another great multi-purpose brush. This large, flat, soft synthetic hair brush is made of a Taklon nylon and used to evenly distribute Liquid foundation, Glow Time BB cream, Creamy blush, and Primers.

Blending Brush
You’ll fall madly in love with this brush. It’s made from a blend of natural goat hair and Taklon synthetic bristles. This unique combination of bristles makes it ideal for use with both powder and cream based products. We love applying our Primers, Dream Tint… our original CC Cream, Glow Time BB Cream and Liquid Minerals with this baby!

Kabuki Brush
The cutest brush in the range, tightly packed with soft goat hair bristles. A rounded brush that is user friendly and effortless to handle. We love applying Powder foundations, Blushes, Bronzers and cheekbone Shimmer.

With this simply reference guide, choosing the right tool for your foundation is clear-cut. Now with a little practice you’ll be able to master your application technique in no time! So what will it be….tapping, dabbing, stippling, painting or stroking, for you to achieve the most from your jane iredale mineral foundation?

Great coverage and healthy looking skin are only a brush away!

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