Beauty For Every Era

jane iredale celebrates beauty looks from times gone by, with key makeup trends from every era.

20’s – Great Gatsby Glamour

Bobbed finger waves and powdered faces, the roaring 20’s is a timeless classic, and recreating this striking look is simple.

Face:  choose a translucent mineral based powder to give an all over coverage. Try to keep your base as matte as possible, you want to create a doll-like complexion.

Eyes: cover your lids with a medium to dark eye shadow color such as plum, or taupe, shape your shadow to a rounded doll-like form keeping the look modern, but still hinting towards Gatsby glamour. 

Lips: Choose deeper shades for your lips, such as jane iredale’s ‘Lauren’ copper based PureMoist Lipstick. As for the shape the 20’s were super pointed at the cupids bow, make sure you line your lips before adding lip color to ensure a longer lasting shade.

50’s – Marilyn Monroe


The 50’s defined doll-faced makeup through icons such as Marilyn Monroe. Comprising of a milky white complexion, cat like eyes and bright red lips.

Face: Pressed powder was the star of the era! Create that smooth and milky complexion with PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. To ensure your powder holds apply a primer first.

Eyes: Winged eyeliner is an imperative part of the decades look. It is best to work with liquid eyeliner to create a smooth line. Your brows are just as important; use an eyebrow pencil to sharply define and thicken your brow lines.

Lips: Start with a Crimson Lip Definer around the natural shape of your lips, and then fill with a bright red gloss lipstick. Your luscious lips should get heads turning and be the focus point of the look.

70’s – Big, bright, blue eyes

Don’t be hesitant, a royal blue smoky eye is as glamorous now as it was then, just steer clear of pairing it with neon disco pants and you are good to go!

Face: Start by preparing your entire face with primer including your eyelids; primer helps ensure the eye shadow won’t crease. Then add a smooth mineral base, your eyes will be the focal point so leave your foundation as clean as possible.

Eyes: Using an eye shadow brush, apply jane iredale’s Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow over your eyelid from your lash line to your brow bone. Finish by applying a mascara to define the lashes against the bold eye color.

90’s – Grungy Chic 

The 90’s were all about a having a natural base matched with heavy eye and lips – smudgy but sexy!

Face: Keep the look as matte as possible, you want to create the illusion that you are wearing nothing at all, so use a simple jane iredale Full Coverage Mineral BB cream to cover your base.

Eyes: The grunge statement was made with the eyes. Don’t be afraid to be a bit heavy handed here. The idea behind the dark eye was to create the infamous ‘heroin chic’ look. Typical colours used were blacks, browns and yellow to circle the eyes from the inner corner right to the lower brow.

Lips: 90’s lips were perfectly penciled – it was the era of lip definer. Start with a dark plum lip liner, and then the idea is to lightly fill your lips in with a similar shade while keeping the lip line more prominent.

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