Choosing the right jane iredale concealer is easy with our expert tips…

We understand that most people have skin hang-ups and we all have days when we need that little bit of extra help to hide our imperfections. That’s why jane iredale has a range of highly pigmented concealers, which not only hide unwanted inconsistencies and blemishes, but also work to treat the cause, and help you achieve a glowing complexion in the long term.

To help you determine the right concealer for your skin, we’re sharing our simple how-to guide to help you find the right concealer for your concern.

As always, it’s best to start with an even base and fill in any fine lines with a primer, like our SMOOTH AFFAIR® FACIAL PRIMER & BRIGHTENER. Featuring anti-ageing properties, this high-quality primer will help minimise the appearance of pores, even skin tone and increase luminosity.


Disguising bruising can be tricky; as a bruise goes through different stages and turns from red, to purple, blue or grey, to yellow; one product doesn’t always do the trick… unless you arm yourself with our post-surgery CORRECTIVE COLOURS concealer kit. It takes the guesswork out of concealing, with a suite of colours that follow the lifecycle of a bruise. This product ensures you’re prepared, no matter what: Yellow hides redness; Peach hides blue, purple or grey; Lilac covers yellow, and Beige works well on hyperpigmentation. With key ingredients like green tea extract, moringa seed oil, avocado oil, cucumber fruit extract and grape seed extract, all four colours will treat and calm your skin, helping you to achieve a professional camouflage every time.


We’ve all had them; even people blessed with clear complexions have encountered a blemish in their lifetime and when they pop up you want to be prepared to beat the blemish, fast! jane iredale’s ZAP&HIDE® BLEMISH CONCEALER will help you do just that. Zap blemishes with the clear Blemish Balm, which contains beneficial botanicals and antioxidants, then hide them with a highly pigmented concealer that’s easily layered and gentle on your skin – this one’s for the multi-taskers!

How to apply: You can apply Zap&Hide directly to your skin. However, if you are breaking out, you may choose to apply it using a cotton tip or the Camouflage Brush. Wash your brush with mild soap following application to eliminate cross-contamination.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make them disappear, dark under eye circles manage to peak through your makeup and appear more prominent, if you’re not using the right concealer. When concealer creeps into the tiny creases under your eye these fine lines can suddenly appear far more visible than they really are, and no one wants that.

To ensure that you’re looking fresh and bright, try using a creamy concealer with buckwheat seed extract to help reduce puffiness and opt for a shade just lighter than your natural skin tone. Our ACTIVE LIGHT® UNDER-EYE CONCEALER conceals while it brightens and helps to treat protruding under eye bags. This soft-focus concealer contains a beautiful blend of avocado oil, cucumber fruit extract, white tea leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract and vitamin c to improve, calm and conceal the eye area.  Similar to our Corrective Colours, Active Light is available in a variety of shades that work to neutralise different colours of the skin, such as redness or blue/grey shades. Find the right shade for you here.

How to apply: Very little product is needed. Place small dots under the eyes and then gently pat to blend. A great trick is to draw short lines, like the rays of the sun, from the under eye area to the tops of cheekbones. This brightens dark circles and highlights at the same time and remember a little goes a long way!


Redness can be hard to hide and it’s important to take a look at your skin care routine to determine if that’s sensitising your skin and causing your rosy cheeks. Using a primer or tinted moisturiser, such as our DREAM TINT® TINTED MOISTURIZER, can help to tone down flushed cheeks, but if you’re after a stronger level of coverage try our DISAPPEAR™ CONCEALER WITH GREEN TEA. Designed to target pronounced acne and extreme discolouration (i.e tattoos) this high-intensity concealer works wonders.

How to apply: Squeeze a little Disappear onto a Camouflage Brush and apply to the area you are trying to cover. This product is also fantastic for covering up tattoos; layer Amazing Base using the Flocked Sponge and Disappear Concealer using the Camouflage Brush to achieve maximum coverage.

Once you’ve mastered the art of camouflaging areas of concern, finish your look with a loose powder like AMAZING BASE® LOOSE MINERAL POWDER to give you an even, glowing complexion.

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