Clean Beauty Makeup Hacks

Smooth Affair Primer, Glow Time BB Cream, PurePressed Base Foundation

One of the many things we’ve learnt in recent times is how much can be achieved with a little extra time up our sleeves.

Multitasking Beauty

As restrictions begin to ease and we fall back into our old routines, we’re working to hold onto a few of the newer habits we’ve picked up of late. One such habit? Beauty multitasking. Now that we know what can be done when we afford ourselves the time, we’re relying on a few clean beauty multitaskers to save us time, energy and beauty bag space. Our new favourite clean beauty makeup hacks will help you get the most out of your beauty products, pep up your complexion on-the-go and make you look like you’ve had the deepest, most restful sleep of your life - even after a sleepless night!

We’ve compiled a few of our very favourite clean beauty hacks below.

Customise your foundation in just two steps

Some days you want full coverage, some days you want no coverage at all. But what about those days in between? Rather than purchasing multiple foundations, tinted moisturisers and powders to ensure you have every possible coverage and finish at the ready, create a custom base using only two products – our Smooth Affair Primer and your base of choice (we love using the Glow Time BB for this). Simply mix your primer with your foundation until the product is as sheer as you’d like it to create a custom coverage tinted moisturiser. The more primer, the sheerer the base, or use no primer at all for a full coverage finish. Don't forget - make sure you apply the foundation with your clean makeup brush, learn more about brush hygiene here.

Smooth Affair Primer & Glow Time BB Cream

A makeup touch-up without any makeup

Now that restaurants are back open, after work drinks are back on. But is your makeup still looking fresh enough to take you from desk to dinner? If you find that your makeup is looking a little dull at the end of a long day, simply keep your favourite jane iredale Hydration Spray in the fridge. A spritz of cool Pommisst, D2O, Balance or Calming Lavender will cool you down on a warm day (or a cool day spent parked beneath a heater) as well as making your foundation look fresher, your skin dewier and your cheek colour more vibrant! A quick spritz really can breathe new life into your makeup. Check out our list of handy tips to staying hydrated in the winter time here.

Cheat your way to a full night’s sleep

If your eyes are looking bleary and bloodshot after a restless night, instantly brighten your eye area with a white or pearlescent eye shadow. A tried and tested makeup artist trick, softly applying a light reflecting shade to the inner corners of the eyes, the lower lash line and the brow bone will brighten and widen the eye area, making you appear wide awake and well rested.

Balance Hydration Spray, PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

Create your own intense eye shadow shade

Want to get a little more intensity out of your existing eye shadows? Rather than rushing out to buy a brand-new collection of liquid shadows, create your own intensely pigmented shades by mixing your favourite powder eye shadow with a spritz of your favourite jane iredale Hydration Spray. Your eye shadow will look richly pigmented and multidimensional, plus the addition of hydration spray will keep your look in place for longer.

Make your products work overnight

We love a product that can multitask while you sleep. For longer and stronger eyelashes and brows, apply the PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner as an overnight brow and lash treatment.

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF20

Top up your SPF without smudging your makeup

We all know how important year ‘round sun protection is, but it can be difficult to top up your SPF over your makeup before heading out to lunch without having to reapply your makeup! The easiest way to give your skin a little extra protection is to lightly dust a mineral powder containing broad spectrum SPF of 15 or higher over your makeup during the day. Try our PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation applied with The Handi Brush – the perfect combo for on-the-go applications, touch ups and the perfect size for your handbag! Or, if you prefer loose powder, our Amazing Base Refillable Brush will be your best friend!

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Editor's Note: This post was initially published by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts in July 2020 and the copy has recently been updated for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness by jane iredale Australia in July 2023. Please note: some product packaging has been updated so images may not be accurate.

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