Everyday Beauty: The Top 6 Makeup Essentials

If you’re anything like us, you would need rolling luggage to carry all of your makeup with you on-the-go. Instead of playing the constant traveller, try paring your makeup bag down to these six essential items:

Powder Foundation + Travel Brush: Powder foundation (like PurePressed Base or Amazing Base) is extremely versatile and can be used as a foundation, concealer or finishing powder. Ours even contain SPF to protect you from the sun. Keep the inside of your bag clean by bringing a travel foundation brush that’s either retractable or can be filled with the loose powder.

Cream Blush: A cream blush stick makes application easy. You can apply it with your finger, so there’s no need for a blush brush! You can use it as a lip product and a subtle eye shadow – versatility at its best.

One or Two Lip Products: We know how easy it is to carry a collection of lip products for every occasion, but that can weigh down your bag. Lighten the load by only bringing the lipstick or lip gloss used in your makeup look that day, and swap out the products each day or so.

Liquid Eye Shadow: If you usually touch up your eye shadow midday, toss a creamy, liquid eye shadow in your bag. Use the built-in brush for easy application and to cut down on the number of brushes you have to carry. We are loving the Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadows this season for their staying power and beautiful sheen.

Brown Eyeliner: A brown eye pencil can be used in a number of different ways. Apply it over your current eyeliner (black or brown) to touch up your look after a long day at work or use it as a brunette eyebrow pencil to define your brows before you go out.

Want to know what Jane’s go-to summer products are?

Whether you are a natural no-makeup girl or a confidently bold makeup wearer, we all need to overhaul our daily routine at some stage, get rid of the excess and lighten the load for a fresh start to the New Year! Don’t you agree?

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