How To: Create the Everyday Smokey Eye

A well-executed smokey eye is the perfect way to make a statement without trying too hard… jane iredale shows you how to create an earthy, monochromatic makeup look in a few easy steps.

Step one: Start by cleansing and refreshing the skin with a spritz of jane iredale’s Balance Hydration Spray.

Step two: Apply a light layer of tinted moisturiser, try our Dream Tint in the colour that suits your complexion, this product works to even and prime your skin. To create a velvety matte finish on your base, lightly dust PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation all over for additional coverage.

Step three: Contour and illuminate your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Be sure to use a darker pressed powder to help define these areas. To further highlight and correct pigment use a neutral PurePressed Powder, such as Warm Silk or a shade suitable for your skin tone.

Step four: Draw attention to the eyes by applying PurePressed Eye Shadow in Taupe all over the lid fading out towards the brow. Using the same shade, add a soft wash under the eyes to create diffused smokiness.

Step five: Wash PurePressed Base in Maple through the crease for added intensity, and Warm Silk PurePressed Base to highlight softly under the brow.

Step six: Apply jane iredale’s white Eye Pencil to the waterline to create a fresh, wide-eyed look. Finish with two coats of PureLash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black, which adds length and fullness whilst also separating the lashes.

Step seven: Finally, to pull this look together, add a high-shine, nude lip. Start by applying PurePressed Powder in Warm Silk over the lips to mute any natural colour. Sweep an even coat of PureGloss Lip Gloss in Soft Peach to add a subtle pink sheen to your pout.

End result, a subtle smokey eye that will awaken your look but not overpower it… Perfect for everyday.

Photography Finlay McKenzie | Model Julia Boganova | Make-up & Hair Julia Kur

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