jane iredale Launches NEW Lip Gloss

A gloss that changed the world!

Did you know that the first lip gloss was created by renowned Hollywood makeup artist, Max Factor? Because all films were black and white, what drew attention and definition were lighting and texture. So after years of matte lipsticks (he used to use black to give the impression of red), he made the shift to a high-shine lip finish, and invented lip gloss. Two years later, he sold the first commercial lip gloss called X-Rated. It stayed on the market for seven decades.

So why is gloss so alluring?

It looks great on everyone; it transcends all ages; it’s always in fashion; it gives a more youthful appearance to the lips; it can be worn with any outfit; it’s quick to apply, and it feels good. Well, not only does it feel good, but jane iredale pure gloss is actually good for the lips; think lip treatment and luscious shine all in one. Our gloss nurtures the lips and contains ingredients that are compatible with our bodies. No nasties in our gloss!

This season we have launched our Fresh Delight Collection, eighteen beautiful shades of gloss in a new flatter, sexier tube with an elegant wand and 35% more product. Our already great formula has been improved for extra lip protection and state-of-the-art ingredients to moisturise your lips. Our new delicious flavour is berry fresh; we know you’ll want to eat it, and you can!

Jane has done it again…fresh, clean, healthy and spirit-lifting all in one delightful package.

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