jane iredale Redefines the Limits of Traditional Makeup

There are several rules of makeup that should never be broken, like sleeping with your makeup on, exercising with a full face of makeup or expecting your skin to be protected while swimming. If you’re anything like most women, you probably can’t think of anything worse than having to front up to your morning yoga class bare-faced.

However, with jane iredale, you can feel at ease when exercising, sleeping and even protecting your skin with makeup while swimming. Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and most current technologies available. Essentially, you can look good while you’re on the journey to feeling good.

Every jane iredale product consciously includes pharmaceutical grade vitamins and antioxidants, pure minerals and luxurious botanicals because we know how good they are for the skin, and how your makeup significantly contributes to overall health of your skin. That is why we are known as The Skin Care Makeup!

jane iredale foundations are unique, forming a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. Laboratory tests confirm that all of our products are non-comedogenic, meaning they do not block pores, so you can confidently wear jane iredale mineral make up when exercising. And, let’s face it, with the amount of mirrors in gyms and the likelihood of bumping into someone you know, it’s something you can now take full advantage of. Not to mention the added benefit of heading to the gym straight after work without the worry of having to clean your face before your workout.

Our minerals bind together upon application and resist running, creasing and smearing, yet they can be easily removed with a cleanser or our special micro-fiber Magic Mitt, which only requires water for an effective daily facial cleanse. So when you are done with your active day, makeup and all, simply cleanse and moisturise before you hit the sack.

We are also proudly allergy tested, stability tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested to ensure that our products only contain ingredients that support the health of your skin, we do not include any nasties that contribute to skin sensitivities and reactions. We even conduct tests on our products that are not required as a cosmetic manufacturer, but we do this to ensure that we are offering you the highest quality product line possible.

The nature of high quality minerals is to interact with light. This is what gives the soft-focus finish to your skin. jane iredale includes a variety of foundations that provide a range of finishes from sheer to full, from luminescent to velvety. Mineral ingredients found in our range include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which help to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Zinc oxide is also anti-microbial. Our products are also free from parabens and FD&C dyes, and we never test on animals.

If you’re into exercising outdoors, jane iredale products also offer broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection (up to SPF 30), are anti-inflammatory (helps calm and soothe), water resistant, and our concentrated pigment provides excellent coverage for skin conditions like acne and rosacea. The Glow Time BB Cream is great for runners and swimmers alike. If you prefer a lighter coverage, the Dream Tint CC Cream SPF 15 does the trick, finished with a dusting of either Pressed or Loose Powder. jane iredale’s tried and tested makeup is made to last. No creasing, smearing, or “sweating away”, even during strenuous exercise.

Although jane iredale’s mineral makeup line has been around for over 20 years, since its inception, it’s been a popular choice with industry experts including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic nurses due to the superior ingredients and high performance of the range.

So, for those of you who still haven’t tried jane iredale products, now’s the time to test out the highly-sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments; our makeup line is long lasting and rarely requires a touch-up during the day. Win win if you ask us!

Who can resist a makeup that you can trust from work to workout? 

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