jane iredale’s Makeup Brush Tutorial

An essential part of well-applied makeup is the proper tools. Here’s our quick makeup brush guide to help you choose which brush to use.

With so many brushes (30 to be exact!) in the jane iredale collection we thought we’d give you a rundown of our top selling tools and how you can best use them.

From brow brushes to stippling brushes and everything in between, here we explain the purpose of each brush, plus some hints and tips on using them correctly. We don’t all need a kit full of 20 makeup brushes for every day makeup, so we will show you which ones are a must for your makeup bag!


Getting your foundation application right.

The Handi™ Brush – Pressed Powder

The Handi ™ Brush is a flat headed, bristled powder brush made from goat hair and was created for use with our PurePressed Mineral Foundation. The flat head picks up the powder evenly and the softness of the hairs ensures minimum scratching and product wastage. Simply swirl your brush around your pressed powder pan and apply your product in downwards stokes for best results.

Chisel Powder Brush – Loose Powder & Blush

A multi-tasking brush designed for Amazing Base but can also be used for blush, Amazing Matte, PureMatte Finish Powder, Bronzer and general blending. It’s hand-tied with goat hair, which helps you achieve a truly professional finish.

Foundation Brush - Cream based foundations

The foundation brush is a chiselled, synthetic brush designed especially for the application of jane iredale Liquid Minerals. Made of taklon nylon, this brush provides an even, well-blended coverage, which means you don’t get foundation all over your fingers! Win-win.

Tip: Use dry for a heavier coverage of Liquid Minerals or wet your brush slightly with one of our facial hydration sprays to apply a lighter layer of coverage.

Blending Brush – Cream based Foundations

Suitable for use with several jane iredale products, this brush screams versatility! Made with a unique combination of natural goat hair and taklon fibre, the Blending Brush can be used for both cream and powder based products. Blend some In Touch Cream Blush into your cheeks or sweep So Bronze over your face with this beauty, for a glorious blended glow.

Want the perfect bronzer brush for a natural looking sun-kissed finish? Look no further…

White Fan Brush – Bronzer

This fan brush is a flat boar bristle brush in the shape of a fan with a long handle. It’s the perfect tool for blush and bronzer application.  Watch this clip to see how it’s done.

Made specifically in a lighter colour, the brush allows you to see how much product you’ve picked up so you don’t need to worry about over-applying.

Tip: Never overdo bronzer again – This brush allows you to control the amount of product you apply and give an even and natural finish for a flawless glow.

Now let’s talk about beautiful liner, this brush is an essential…

Angle Liner / Brow Brush – Eyeliner

One of our faves and the perfect tool for applying liner. Lets you line your eyes with ease and allows for precise application so you can get the cat-eye and winged liner looks just right.

Tip: Use this brush to fill out and thicken your brows too.

If you struggle with getting your concealer right, this brush will make all the difference…

Camouflage Brush – Concealer

The Camouflage Brush is the perfect tool to use with cream based products. Made from taklon bristles, this brush can be used wet or dry and allows for a smooth application in hard-to-reach areas. Especially good for camouflaging those dark under eye circles with concealer! Watch this clip to see how great this tool really is.

jane iredale brushes are absolutely cruelty-free, using only natural hair obtained from living animals and all certified cruelty-free by PETA. Our synthetic brushes are made from Taklon, which is durable and easy to clean.

Do you have a favourite makeup brush? Let us know which one you can’t live without!

And for tips on prolonging the life of your brushes, head over to our blog about caring for your makeup brushes.

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