Stop and Smell The Roses with jane iredale’s Latest Hydration Spray

“Everyone needs to smell the roses more often, to get off the treadmill, take a deep breath and appreciate life. That’s why Smell The Roses was born. I wanted to give every woman a simple way to have that little break in their day when they could feel refreshed and alive.” – Jane Iredale

Goodbye Winter and helloooo lovely Spring! 

After a long, cool winter, our skin is crying out for some quick hydration. Dry, dehydrated skin doesn’t stand a chance against the latest jane iredale, Smell The Roses Hydration Spray.

We are excited to announce the new, limited edition hydrating spritz, which works to nourish, cleanse, detoxify and de-stress skin, while also acting as a finishing spray that will set jane iredale’s range of mineral foundations and powders.

In one quick spray, Smell The Roses will soothe your skin and help to reduce the appearance of redness, while the Rose Damascena Flower Oil and extracts help to tighten, cleanse, detoxify, smooth, calm and support the skin’s functions.

Whether you’re racing into a meeting or rushing around ticking off errands from your to-do list, Smell The Roses is a handy tool that can be used as an afternoon pick me up to keep your makeup looking fresh and gorgeous. It will also help to conceal pores and fine lines, while adding an extra, simple boost of moisture to your skin. The rose fragrance is refreshing, uplifting and provides an overall feeling of well being.
Features and benefits:

  • As jane iredale mineral makeup is buildable and perfect for layering, we recommend using the hydration spray in between makeup stages, as this will set your makeup and make your skin glow!
  • We also love using the spray to help remove makeup smudges (ugh, panda eyes!) and to wet our makeup brushes to create precise lines!
  • Rose Damascena Flower Oil and Extract is an excellent skin tonic, which helps to soothe the skin.
  • You can also use your Smell The Roses Hydration Spray as a moisturiser!
  • Smell The Roses is recommended for any skin type, especially dry and sensitive skin.

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