Strobing: The Latest Makeup Trend that Everyone is Talking About

You’ve heard people talking about it, undoubtedly read about it and now want to try it for yourself, but what exactly is “Strobing”?

Cara Delevinge looking gorgeous. Photo credit: @vogueaustralia

The incredible @gigihadid. Photo credit: @voguemagazine

Strobing is a makeup technique that will help you to achieve a fresh healthy glow to your complexion.

Put simply, Strobing focuses on defining facial features using light. A simpler alternative to its complicated and advanced makeup cousin, ‘Highlighting & Contouring’, strobing is an uncomplicated technique that will sculpt and add youthfulness to your face.

While Contouring is all about shadowing specific areas of the face, Strobing concentrates on highlighting the areas that already catch light. Think emphasized cheekbones, gorgeous, glowing temples and radiant looking skin!

To help you perfect Strobing at home, we’ve put together three easy steps to ensure that you master this trend:

  1. It’s all about that base. Using your fingertips, apply the jane iredale SMOOTH AFFAIR facial primer and brightener to your skin. When Strobing, it’s best to avoid mattifying products. We want to recreate that glowing, dewy, ‘just walked out of a facial’, look.
  2. Next step is coverage. We love to use our DREAM TINT Tinted Moisturiser when highlighting. It’s oil free and formulated with lightweight minerals. Finish with a light dusting of Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder to add extra luminosity to the skin.
  3. Now onto the star of the show… Grab your jane iredale IN TOUCH HIGHLIGHTER and get started! Apply liberally to the tops of cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose. To prevent looking oily, avoid using the highlighter on your forehead. You can also use any product that adds sheen like Golden Shimmer Body Lotion, Allure or Oyster PurePressed Eyeshadow or 24k-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder in Silver or Gold.

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