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jane iredale Mineral foundations have changed the perception of makeup. They have become an integral part of patient care world-wide because of their benefits to the skin and their ability to conceal almost any distraction. Because our minerals are concentrated pigment, camouflage can be fast and easy, especially when covering any type of redness or erythema.

Skin conditions such as rosacea or acne, or procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion often result in red, inflamed skin. A yellow base such as Warm Silk, Amber, Warm Sienna or Golden Glow is the key to covering pronounced redness. You may need additional mineral camouflage using our extensive range of concealers for conditions such as bruising, scarring, hyperpigmentation and vitiligo.

Our makeup is now part of the solution, not part of the problem.

One of our Australian stockists, tells us how he came to choose jane iredale for his clients: “We made the decision to carry products recommended and trusted by dermatologists. I visited one of Australia’s most renowned dermatologists, Greg Goodman, who is a prescriber of mineral make up and then following further discussions with our clinic dermatologists, I recognized that the one brand that was very popular was jane iredale mineral makeup.

Many patients that come to see dermatologists with their skin conditions cannot tolerate mainstream products. This can be for many reasons. So from a health professional’s point of view, jane iredale was the cosmetic of choice because of its non-comedogenic effects. It’s free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and is low allergenic. In essence, it will not block the pores, and it allows the skin to breathe naturally. In addition to this, there is a low chance of the client having chemical or photo-sensitivities. Furthermore, it has an SPF factor. This is of great benefit, particularly when many clients are using medications that contain Vitamin A derivatives, and can have sensitivities to sunlight.

We provide a complimentary make over for patients that have procedures done at the clinic. I explain to the clients about the outstanding benefits of the jane iredale range of mineral makeup, and then Brittany, our make-up artist, works her magic with foundation matching and added colour. There seems to be a preconception that mineral makeup doesn’t provide enough coverage but once our clients have jane iredale on, they fall in love with it. Brittany has been sharing the benefits of the BB cream, and most of the girls at the clinic now use the BB cream because of its great texture and coverage.

In my experience, patients are often told by skin specialists to avoid makeup. Understandably, most people panic at this stage, as they need coverage.  We recommend jane iredale mineral makeup, especially to these clients, because it doesn’t block the pores or affect their treatment. Bottom line is that the benefits of jane iredale are backed by research and testing. Once you read more about jane iredale products and understand the theory and benefits of using the range, it really is outstanding!

To celebrate the opening of My Skin retail showroom within the Westside Dermatology Clinic, we are running a two-day promotion this week (6-7 December 2013) which cannot be missed!” says Andrew Tran, Pharmaceutical health Professional.

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