Top Makeup Tips to make Glasses Wearing Glamours

Glasses have fast become a must-have accessory – gone are the days of geeky stereotypes – but for many of us, wearing glasses extends far beyond our desire to make a fashion statement and is an essential part of our daily life!

Wearing glasses can dramatically change your appearance, and with so many shapes, colours and styles available we invest a lot of time in selecting the pair that suits our personal style, and of course our face, but what do we do about our makeup?

For those who are new to wearing glasses, you may find that your usual tricks may not be working as they used to – adjusting your makeup routine to suit your specs can be daunting for newbies and regulars alike so we’ve put together five simple tips to ensure that you’re able to accentuate your eyes and shine from behind those frames!

1. Lighten up

Glasses can unfortunately cast a shadow underneath the eyes, especially those styles that have a thicker frame. To avoid eyes looking dark through your lenses, keep your favourite concealer handy and dab on when you feel that your eyes could use a freshen up. Our ACTIVE LIGHT® UNDER-EYE CONCEALER is perfect for this! With an easy brush designed to fit into the recesses around the eyes and nose, ACTIVE LIGHT®helps disguise those dark areas under the eyes. This miracle concealer also doubles as a face highlighter and is perfect for when you’re on-the-go, making it your new BFF.

2. Focus on lashes

Glasses lenses tend to accentuate what lies behind them and the simplest way to highlight those peepers is by applying mascara. Curling lashes first can help make eyes appear more open, and is also a handy hint for those with long, straight lashes to stop them from hitting the glass. When it comes to glasses and your lashes, length isn’t always best; to avoid your lashes hitting the inside of your lenses opt for mascara that adds colour only, not length. Our PURELASH® MASCARA, comes in Black Onyx and Agate Brown, and is formulated to condition your lashes with a blend of seaweed lipids. This mascara is resistant to smearing and flaking and is the perfect choice for sensitive eyes.

For extra volume we recommend a coat of our PURELASH® LASH EXTENDER & CONDITIONER under your mascara and again before bed to help treat and strengthen your lashes naturally.

3. Stay neutral.

If you wear bold frames, you’ll want to avoid clashing your eye shadow with your glasses, especially if you choose to wear a bold or brightly coloured pair. To be safe, wear neutral and natural shades on your eyelids as these lighter colours have the added benefit of making your eyes appear lighter. Try our PUREPRESSED® EYE SHADOWS in dreamy pink or supernova.

If you must go bold, try accentuating your eyes with dramatic eyeliner instead! Our soft and creamy JELLY JAR™ GEL EYELINER can help you achieve a precise line or smudgy look, and will help define your eyes behind your lenses. We love the new Espresso shade as it adds dimension without being as heavy as a traditional black liner. Think grey brown and perfectly suited for blondes. Read more about perfecting your eyeliner on one of earlier blog posts, jane iredale eyeliner tutorial.

4. Define your brows.

Just as your glasses frame your eyes, your eyebrows are a frame for your glasses and defining them can help to draw attention to your eyes, especially for those who wear glasses with smaller frames. Use our BITTY BROW KIT® to perfect your brows, anywhere, anytime – perfect if you’re one of those people who puts on their glasses half way through the day. This compact brow kit includes a water resistant brow wax and brow powder to help keep eyebrow hairs in place and perfectly shaded.

5. When in doubt, perfect on your pout.

A bold lip is a simple way to add glamour to any look (glasses or no glasses), and is an ideal way to draw attention away from your spectacles if you’re self conscious or just want to mix up the focal point of your face. If you love a gloss, our PUREGLOSS™ LIP GLOSS will soothe and hydrate lips, whilst adding a pretty pop of colour. To add dimension, try filling in lips with one of our liners and follow with a gloss. If lipstick is more for you, our PUREMOIST® LIPSTICK is vibrant and nourishing and will take you from day to night in a flash – we’re loving a bold red, Margi or Anette for Autumn.

Remember that the general rule still applies here – play up eyes or lips, not both!

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