Model holding PureMatch Liquid Concealer

Match & More!

NEW PureMatch Liquid Concealer


PureMatch Liquid Concealer


Foolproof & Flawless

PureMatch, our first-ever liquid concealer, is our easiest, most versatile formula yet. 

Skin-nurturing formula

Botanical oils, waxes and extracts help to soothe, soften and support skin hydration.

easy-to-use applicator

Custom doe foot features a flat edge to cover larger areas and a pointed tip for more precise application. 

skin-tone-based coverage

Multipurpose formula conceals and evens skin tone with natural-looking coverage.

Create natural-looking dimension

Find your shade

Match and more!

The beauty of this concealer is that it's versatile for concealing, brightening and defining.


Choose the shade that best matches your skin tone to conceal imperfections, even skin and mask discolouration.


Apply a lighter shade to areas that naturally catch light to create a brighter appearance.


Apply small dots of a deeper shade to the hollows of the cheeks, along the nose and to the top of the forehead to create definition.