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No irritation, great colour

Excellent product for sensitive eyes. Only need a small dab as colour is true and intense on skin.

Disappointment AGAIN

So yesterday you send an email telling me all your favourite items (Lip Fixation in particular) are back in stock and inviting me to buy. But my excitement turned to anger and disappointment when I found that this is simply not so. Having received no reply to my last post I wonder if you even have any idea what is going on.

Hi Jo Jo, thank you for your reviews, we appreciate all feedback. We are sorry that you are disappointed in this product being out of stock however, we unfortunately can’t provide an exact timeframe for restock as it is currently with the product developer. We can share that we are making updates to the packaging to alleviate some issues that were being experienced by some users. We would be happy to contact you once we have a better indication of a restock date but for now we estimate that won’t be until August-September ❤️

Out of Stock

It's all very well to say there is something very exciting coming "in a few months" but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Don't you think a bit of warning would have helped so we could stock up while you are getting things together? Do you have an alternative in the meantime or do I have to go to another supplier and try to match the colour I have been wearing for some years now.

Hi Jo Jo, your feedback is greatly appreciated and we would love to help in every way that we can. We are glad you love our Lip Fixation in the shade Craving In the meantime, our lip liner in shade 'Spice' can help you achieve a similar colour and matte look. Our Triple Luxe Long-Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick™ in the shade Gabby is also a beautiful pink nude shade.
Alternatively, you may find your favourite shade in stock at one of our authorised stockists, find a stockist near you here and call ahead to see if they have your shade in stock. ❤️


I have the Enlighten Plus No. 0, and love the product itself. However I cannot get it to pump up from the container. It worked the first few times and then just stopped. I pull it apart each time and use a cotton bud to scrape out product, but a
lot gets wasted... Is anyone else having this problem?

Out of Stock

You keep emailing me begging me to shop but what I want (Lip Fixation) is out of stock and has been for some time. You seem to only have about 3 colours. I did send you a message several weeks ago via your website but received no reply. Are you discontinuing this item? If not, when do you expect to have stock again

Hi JoJo! Thank you for your question. No need to worry, the Lip Fixations are not being discontinued, there is actually something very exciting coming in a few months. Keep your eyes peeled on your emails and our socials, we'll make sure you're the first to know! ❤️


I find that when I wear this press powder, it not only flawlessly covers my imperfections but it also heals the area. I don’t break out from this product.

That is so amazing to hear! Thank you Carla ❤️ We do pride ourselves on being the skincare makeup xx

Glow Time™ Highlighter Stick
Lesley-Ann Maccheroni

This is a lovely product, Which makes your skin glow.

We ❤️ glowy skin! Thank you for your review Lesley-Ann xx

Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation
Lesley-Ann Maccheroni
Not as smooth/lighter in colour

Apologies Photos go with my review below. Showing the difference in the colour of M8.

Hi Lesley-Ann, thank you for letting us know. We haven't seen this before so would love to investigate further. A member of our team will be in touch with you via email shortly

Forget everything else, the is it.....

After I received a sample I've found this is the perfect primer for me. feels so smooth - and I'm about to order a full size...Perfect.

This primer really does have a smooth affair with the skin ❤️ The perfect makeup base and perfect to wear on its own. Thank you for your beautiful review Jane!

Eye Pencil
Carol Helliwell
Mineral eye liner

Always easy to apply and last really well l .I wear it everyday .It stay on and down smudge

Thanks Carol! That's so amazing to hear ❤️

Beyond lash

Beyond lash is great thanks and the brush s easier get it and put back than your other one

Thank you for your review Carol! We do love this brush for getting long voluminous lashes ❤️

Fabulous and long lasting

I bought the new pure pressed eye compact. It’s lovely. The colours are beautiful and they blend so easily. For a deeper coverage I use the darker colours wet. Very long lasting.

Thank you for your beautiful review and the tip, Helen. We ❤️ these colours xx

Fits perfectly in small bag or purse

Very compact and easy to carry around with you in a small bag or purse

Thanks Sarah, it really is so handy

Love this

Have used this foundation powder for a few years now, swapped from Mac powder to Jane irdale as I was recommended a mineral makeup for my oily breakout prone skin, and I’ve never looked back!
Really natural but good buildable coverage if needed

Thank you for your review Sarah! Our mineral foundations are so beautiful but the best part is the skincare benefits and how they let the skin breathe ❤️


This foundation is so light and doesn't irritate my skin. I love that you can buy it as a refill which is so much better for the environment. Its now a staple of my make-up kit!

Thanks for such a shining review Bridget! We love doing everything we can for the environment❤️

My skin loves it!

I have super sensitive skin prone to breakouts and this BB cream has done wonders. Normally whenever I wear makeup I breakout but not the case with this! It hydrates my skin and offers great coverage too! Love, love, love!

Thank you Bridget! It really is an amazing foundation with so many benefits! ❤️

Love this

This foundation feels really good on the skin and has a good level of cover without looking too heavy. I generally find that colours in a light to medium range suit me best so went with the M4, but will go a little darker on my next order. Also, I'm normally a pink undertone, but the neutral undertone in this foundation has suited me really nicely. The foundation creates a really nice base and my other make-up blends really well over it. I'm really happy with this foundation.

We are so happy to hear this Melissa! Thank you for your shining review and very helpful insights for colour matching. It really is such a beautiful foundation for the skin ❤️

The Best Foundation

I have been using this foundation daily for over 10 years. This foundation has the best coverage and I love that I can simply use it as a concealer under a light powder for a natural look or use it all over for a glam night out. This product goes a long way, I only have to order it every 9-12 months. I’ll never touch another foundation as long as this is available.

How amazing Hayley! Thank you for your review we love hearing from GlowTime lovers like yourself xx


I love my trios. The pigmentation means that a small amount of product goes a long way and the formula transfers well onto the skin - no colour is lost.

So lovely! Thank you Hayley xx

Dewy and Delightful

I didn’t believe in primers until k tried this. It makes my skin dewy and luminous and my foundation blends much better. I did not know I needed this product until I used it and I am converted.

A good primer completely changes the makeup game. Thanks so much for your review Hayley!

The new formula is fantastic and gives a much silkier application. Product goes a long way - only a small amount needed.

Nothing better than finding the perfect blush. Thanks for your review Hayley ❤️

my "GO TO" product

I love the coverage it gives me and the feeling on my skin, not heavy at all

Thank you for your review Kristie! xx

Eye Pencil
A wonderful luxurious eye liner

Glides on effortlessly, stays on all day. Doesn’t disappear or loose it’s colour on my eye lid.
With many other eye liners I’ve used in the past they seem to just “melt” away into my eye lid ie disappear or go from a black liner to a very faint soft grey when I only use black. .
JI’s seems to stay put all day and stay true to colour. So I’m very happy with my purchase and it’s long lasting effects.

There's nothing better than an eyeliner that lasts all day! We are so happy to hear you love it ❤️

Lip drink lip balm

Very happy with this lip balm. I love how it gives a natural hint of colour and a bonus with the spf factor.

Thank you for such a happy review! We ❤️ SPF too

Glow Time™ Highlighter Stick
Abbey F Franssen-Stewart
Great product

Revived this as a free gift in my last order. Great product, but not subtle if you apply it directly to face. For a bold look swipe away, for more subtle I dabbed it on my fingers first then onto my cheekbones/optical bones.

The pigment is stunning in these highlighters! Thank you for your insightful review Abbey! ❤️