8 Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

8 Makeup Brushes that you actually need

Do you know the difference between a primer and a concealer? If you said yes, then that was too easy! The real question is do you know the difference between a Dome Brush and a Crease Brush? Stumped you yet?

The world of makeup brushes can be slightly confusing not to mention expensive, that’s why we’ve put together our list of eight brushes that you actually need rather than all the ones you think you need. We’ve updated this list for 2020 here.

1. Foundation Brush for Liquid & Cream Foundation Makeup Application

Have you ever applied foundation only to discover that it’s not blended properly around your nose, chin, pores and fine lines? There’s a simple fix for this and it requires nothing more than a Foundation Brush! You need the firmness of the Foundation Brush to press product into your skin.

This is also a great brush to apply any type of primer. Primers contain ingredients such as silica and add texture to the skin so it’s important to ensure makeup is blended correctly with a Foundation Brush rather than a stippling brush and blending brush.

Additionally, the Foundation Brush is perfect for applying cream blushes. First, use a patting motion to apply colour before turning over the brush to the clean side and continue to pat the product until all the colour is easily distributed.

2. Blending Brush for Cream and Powder Makeup Products

This brush does exactly what the name implies – it blends and it blends well! Our Blending Brush is made from Taklon Nylon and Naturon, and is great for cream/wet or powder based products such as primer, foundations, or cream blushes.

If you have applied your powder foundation and it’s feeling somewhat heavy, you can spritz the Blending Brush with Hydration Spray and buff your foundation to sheer out the coverage and blend away any build-up of product.

Our other favourite blending tool... Our Blending/Contouring Brush! Perfect for applying cream or powder foundations and finishing products such as blush. But equally as brilliant to blend and contour - this brush is a multipurpose master!

3. Deluxe Shader Brush for Soft Eye Makeup Application

Getting the eyes right is often the most difficult step as it requires more precision and care than foundation. This firm, flat brush is great for applying an eye shadow base colour, or a simple single colour wash. The firmness allows colour to be evenly deposited and distributed without leaving any fall out, using a pressing motion as opposed to a sweeping motion will also help avoid fallout.

4. Crease Brush for Eye Shadow Makeup Blending

This brush is a soft tapered brush that fits into the natural contour of the eye and is the ultimate blending brush – it takes all the hard work out of blending eye shadow with the soft tapered brush designed to blend colour. 

Traditionally used for powder based products you can also try using it with wet or cream products such as concealer. This is the perfect brush to blend and feather the edges of concealer under the eyes or around hard to reach areas such as the nose or mouth.

You can also use it to pick up loose or pressed powder and set cream based products such as concealer. Using a sponge or a firm flat brush to set concealer can result in a build-up of product that can look heavy and can accentuate fine lines.

You can also use the Crease Brush to contour parts of the face such as the sides of the nose. Because the fibres are soft and tapered you can gradually build and blend colour so you’re left with a subtle natural look. 

5. White Fan Brush for Blush, Bronzer & Shimmer Powder Application

Our White Fan Brush is the perfect tool for applying blush, bronzer and shimmer powders. Picking up just the right amount of product, it gives you control of the powder and allows for easy application and subtle blending when applying to the cheeks and contour areas of the face.

6. Bent Liner Brush for Precision Eyeliner Application

Our Bent Liner Brush is ideal for gel or liquid liners as the fibres are firm and tapered and its tip is pointed so you can create the perfect eyeliner. The brush is bent, which makes application easy as the brush hugs the contour of the eye.

You can also use this brush to blend lip liner when you need a precise and accurate lip line, especially when doing a bold or bright lip.

7. Angle Liner/Brow Brush for Eyeliner and Brow Makeup Application

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to accurately apply liquid liner to the lower lash line however by using the Angle Liner/Brow Brush you can simply press product into the roots of the lash rather than trying to apply a precise line along the lashes. This brush is perfect for detail and shaping for eyeliner and brow makeup application

You can also use this brush and your complexion colour in powder, concealer or foundation to clean up any messy edges from around the mouth after applying lipstick.

8. Dome Brush for Powder Blush Application 

Last but not least, this medium-sized, ultra-soft, dense powder brush is perfect for applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can also use it to highlight the high planes of the face with a highlighting powder or one of our PureBronze Shimmer Bronzers – just swirl the brush around in little circular motions.

Traditionally a powder brush; you can also use this brush to blend away any streaks that can sometimes be left from liquid or cream foundations. You can also use it for contouring and for applying bronzing powders; the soft fibres pick up just the right amount of product leaving a seamless finish on the skin.

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