Must-Have Vegan Makeup Brushes

People underestimate the importance of good quality makeup brushes and the difference it can make to your makeup application. Investing in and looking after your makeup brushes will definitely pay off with not only the amazing application but not having to replace them often is also good for the hip pocket. 

Quality, Vegan Makeup Brushes

The jane iredale brush collection is just that, an amazing quality that will give you a beautiful effortless makeup application every time you use them. Our non-animal hair brushes are made of synthetic fibres of Takulon and Naturon, which are a superior, cruelty-free, 100% vegan alternative to animal hair and are still beautifully soft and luxurious to use.

One of the distinguishing features of a good quality brush is the standard and type of fibres used, and how it is shaped and attached to the handle by the ferrule. Our superior-quality makeup brushes are hand-tied, which means that the fibres have been hand-moulded to the desired shape and cut at the ferrule end (the metal collar between the brush head and handle).

Essential Brushes for Your Makeup Kit

We asked jane iredale National Educator Erin Voyer to share her top eight must-have makeup brushes. Here's what she had to say...

"As a Makeup Artist with over 25 years’ of experience, I can tell you that these are by far some of the best brushes I have ever used. With so many wonderful brushes, each with its own unique purpose, it was hard to pick my top eight in the jane iredale makeup brush collection."

  1. Blending/Contouring Brush – My favourite brush in the collection, this brush is an amazing multi-purpose brush that can be used for various makeup applications and is not limited to just one type of makeup. It has the same amazing application abilities for both powder and liquid products. Both blend beautifully on the skin and leave a soft airbrushed finish. It can be used for primer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, contouring and highlighting and even blush application.

    Foundation Brush
  2. Foundation Brush – The Foundation Brush is another fabulous multi-functional brush in the collection and can be used for a variety of applications, including applying primer or liquid foundation. The smaller head of the brush also makes it perfect for smoothing concealer around the eyes or blending foundation around the nose. My absolute favourite use of this brush is to apply our Glow Time Blush Stick. Used in a patting motion, it blends the blush softly and seamlessly whilst adding a glow to the cheeks.

  3. Angle Liner / Brow Brush – This small but mighty brush is my favourite to use when applying any liner from the jane iredale collection. The firm and tapered fibres make it perfect to apply liner and get a sharp, accurate result every time, even a wing. 

    Crease Brush
  4. Crease Brush – The fluffy and soft Crease Brush makes eye shadow application a dream. It can be used when applying colour all over the lid or used to apply your favourite jane iredale PurePressed Eyeshadows into the crease and beyond. The handle of the brush is the perfect length to allow control of the application of colour and will disburse and blend it beautifully for amazing results. Don’t forget this gorgeous brush can also be used to contour parts of the face, such as the sides of the nose. As the fibres are tapered, you can gradually build and blend colour, so you’re left with a subtle natural look. An absolute must in your brush collection!

    The Handi Brush
  5. The Handi Brush – This brush is another small but mighty super brush in the collection and is a definite favourite of mine. Not only because of its compact size, which makes it perfect for the handbag and travel, but the flat design of the brush gives you a beautiful application of PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation every time. It disperses the powder evenly and never leaves a powdery build-up anywhere on the face. 

  6. Sculpting Brush – This has fast become a firm favourite of mine. This brush has so many purposes, but I tend to find I use it for applying primer to the eyes. It picks up and smooths just enough product across the lid and blends it beautifully, giving it the perfect base to start eye shadow application. I also reach for it when I have to blend concealer around the eye area or clean up the edge of an eye shadow application. A definite must for those who love to do eye makeup applications. 

  7. White Fan Brush – The soft fan brush can be used in many ways and is a definite must in anyone’s makeup brush collection. For those new to contouring and highlighting, this brush will give a soft result and help to build confidence in your application. Paired with our PureBronze Shimmer Collection, it can be used to apply all three colours for sculpting the face, highlighting the cheekbones and to even adding a soft hue to the apples of the cheeks.

  8. Eye Liner / Brow Brush – This unique brush is a must for this who love to do a Smokey Eye. This double-ended brush is fantastic for adding liner under the eyes and then “smoking it out” with its rubber smudger on the other end. I find I use this one when I want intensity under the eye and often pair it with our Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner or Eye Pencil to add that dramatic look. The square design of the brush makes it perfect to get right under the lower lashes, and colour can be taken right into the inner corner for a “full-on” effect. 

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