Concealer for All Skin Types

If you’re a fan of jane iredale products, you already know that clean coverage is part of our DNA. Meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice the health of your skin to get great colour payoff. The brand has been built with the most desirable makeup math: Skin Science + Powerful Natural Ingredients = skin-loving formulations that prioritise skin health and noticeable radiance.

Our most loved products are our mineral foundations, and we boast several specialty concealers for targeted concerns, including our newest formula: PureMatch Liquid Concealer. Here’s the rundown:

  • 16 shades, easy-to-apply liquid formulation with doe foot applicator wand.
  • Offering medium coverage that is buildable (and breathable).
  • PureMatch Liquid Concealer has been designed to be used all over the face and for multiple concerns. Think blemishes, discolouration, uneven skin tone, dark circles.
  • It’s also a multitasker! You can be colour-matched to find your concealing shade (for hiding imperfections), a brightening shade (for highlighting and light reflecting), and a defining shade (for contouring or liquid bronzing). This little multitasking product packs a punch, and we haven’t even covered the ingredients yet!

Concealer for Sensitive Skin

A formulation by The Skincare Makeup always features botanical oils, waxes and extracts to soothe, soften and support skin hydration. This proprietary blend works to decrease transepidermal water loss—simply put, it locks moisture into the skin and keeps your skin and makeup looking fresh even hours after application. 

Prickly Pear Extract joins the formulation for its amazing hydrating and antioxidant benefits. When thinking of ingredients in beauty products, it’s nice to reflect on the plant’s place in nature to consider the attributes it brings to the skin. The prickly pear is a cactus with broad flat stems. These stems hold an amazing amount of water and nutritional benefits that are fed to the resulting flowers that prosper from these stems. This is where we derive our extract from, and it is fit for purpose in delivering hydration to the skin and protecting it from free radical damage.

Indian dammar is a special ingredient that conditions skin and supports elasticity and softness. Did you know that Indian dammar is used in combination with paraffin wax to create intricate dye patterns on to silk and sarees? This is because of the flexible, softening qualities it gives to the paraffin, ensuring the dye doesn’t become brittle and break during application. We like to think of this quality being imparted to the skin, allowing the PureMatch Liquid Concealer to be stable yet soft, moving flexibly with our facial movements.

How to Apply Concealer

Experience a lightweight sensation with buildable coverage that seamlessly blends into the skin, delivering an undetectable soft matte finish. This formula effortlessly conceals imperfections without settling into fine lines or emphasising creases around the eyes, ensuring a flawless and natural look for all-day wear.

For optimal results, apply the PureMatch Liquid Concealer directly to your skin using the doe-foot applicator. To achieve precise and targeted coverage, use the fine tip of the applicator to dab the concealer onto blemishes or small imperfections. For broader areas, lay the doe-foot applicator flat against your skin to smoothly and evenly distribute the product, ensuring a flawless and even finish every time.  

For a flawless finish, seamlessly blend the PureMatch Liquid Concealer into your skin using either the Flocked Sponge or the Camouflage Brush. The Flocked Sponge is ideal for larger areas and delicate regions like under the eyes, providing a smooth, even application. For targeting imperfections or blemishes, the Camouflage Brush is perfect; its dense bristles allow for precise coverage without disturbing the product. When using a shade darker than your complexion of the PureMatch Concealer for sculpting and contouring, we recommend the Blending/Contouring Brush. Its natural angle facilitates effortless and seamless blending, creating beautifully defined features.

Whether you’re a full-coverage girlie or love an off-duty, no-makeup-makeup look, we highly recommend adding the PureMatch Liquid Concealer to your arsenal. A little goes a long way, and the doe foot applicator provides a flat edge to cover larger areas and a pointed tip for more precise application. There’s much to love, and we know this is going to be a must-have in your makeup bag all year long!

If you're unsure if this is the right concealer for you, take our online Concealer Quiz to explore our collection of makeup concealers for different skin types and concerns.