Master the Perfect Date Night Makeup Look

Date Night inspired jane iredale makeup look

April marks the middle of Autumn, and the start of our 30th Anniversary celebrations. Not that you need a special occasion to wear colour or try an extra special beauty look, but if you're looking for a classic and beautiful look that encapsulates romance, this look is for you!

This smoky and structured makeup look combines a clean, glowing base with the romantic metallic coral shade in the Wildflower PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple across the lids. The dusty peach of the Velvet Petal PurePressed Blush adds depth and a long lasting glow. This look is your new go-to date night or girls night makeup! Keep reading to discover the steps to achieve this look at home.

Step 1. Primer: Smooth Affair Brightening Primer
On clean moisturised skin apply your Smooth Affair Facial Primer with a Foundation Brush all over the face and down the neck. This will give a hydrated silky base for your foundation to glide on to and support effortless blending.

Step 2. Foundation: Glow Time Pro BB Cream
For this full coverage look apply half to a full pump of Glow Time Pro BB Cream on the fingertips, warming the product up on your hands before working into the skin in circular motions, similar to how you would apply a moisturiser. Ensure coverage is even across the whole face and work gently under the eyes and around the nose. With a damp Flocked Sponge blend away any remaining harsh lines and if needed blend down the neck slightly.

Our model wears shade GT8.

Step 3. Concealer: PureMatch Liquid Concealer
Use a PureMatch Liquid Concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your true match to brighten under the eyes and slightly along the cheekbones. Then use your true match to cover any areas of concern, blend away with your damp Flocked Sponge.

Our model wears shades 6N and 9W.

Step 4. PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation
To lock in the base use PurePressed Base Foundation to gently set under the eyes and in the centre of your face. This is the perfect step for anyone aiming to cover blemishes, dark spots and/or pigmentation as it adds extra coverage that you know won't budge in those areas.

Our model wears shade Latte.

Step 5. Set foundation with Hydration Spray
Mist your skin with your Hydration Spray to set your minerals in place. This will help provide a long-lasting, smooth finish.

Velvet Petal PurePressed Blush being applied to the cheeks with a Blending/Contouring Brush

Step 6. Bronzer/Blush: PurePressed Blush Velvet Petal and PureBronze Bronzer
The star of the show, Ready to Bloom’s PurePressed Blush in new shade Velvet Petal! This dusty peach shade gives a perfect depth to the face if applied similarly to a contour. Pick up with a Blending/Contouring Brush and sweep under and across the cheek bones, under the brow bone, on the forehead and gently under the jaw line. Use a light hand to begin with and then blend into the outer eyelids and temples. To deepen the look add PureBronze Matte Bronzer to any parts of the face you would like to deepen the structure of, such as, on the outermost part of the cheeks and forehead.

Our model wears shade Medium of the PureBronze Bronzer.

Pro tip: For extra intense blush and eye shadow applications ensure to spritz the face right before adding powders. What till you see the results of this tip!

PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Wildflower application to the eyelids using the Crease Brush

Step 7. Eye Shadow: PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Wildflower
Ready to Bloom’s newest shade of Eye Shadow Triple Wildflower will make your eyes pop. Start by blending the lightest soft matte peach shade all over the lid right to the brow bone with a fluffy Crease Brush. For a more structured look use the same brush to blend additional PurePressed Blush in Velvet Petal to the eye crease and onto the bottom lash line focusing on the outer half.

Next pick up your Camouflage Brush and wet thoroughly with your Hydration Spray before picking up the metallic coral shade in the center of this palette. Tap this shade all over the lid and blend into the crease with the Crease Brush.

PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Wildflower applied to the lids with a Camouflage Brush sprayed with Hydration Spray

Using the third matte chocolate shade in the palette, take an Angle Liner Brush and use to define the upper lash line and outer bottom lash line.

Step 8. Brows: PureBrow Precision Pencil & Brow Gel in Dark Brown
Follow the natural shape of the brow and fill in any sparse areas using hair-like strokes with the PureBrow Precision Pencil, then set in place with PureBrow Brow Gel focusing on the arch of the brow to tie in with the structured look.

Our model wears shade Dark Brown in PureBrow Precision Pencil and PureBrow Brow Gel.

Step 9. Mascara: Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara
Coat top and bottom lashes with Beyond Lash Volumising Mascara in Black Ink. This mascara is perfect for this look as it adds extra volume to the lashes.

Step 10. Lips: Lip Pencil Nude & Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain Forever Peach
Follow your natural lip shape, accentuating your cupid’s bow with Lip Pencil in shade Nude filling in most of the lip, then top with Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Peach to tie this look together.

The beauty of our Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stains are that they adjust to your personal chemistry so it can appear a slightly different shade on everyone, creating a look that's unique to you!

Date Night inspired jane iredale makeup look
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