The Best Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Yourself!

jane iredale clean beauty model wearing pink lipstick

We believe that love should be celebrated everyday! Whether you're in a relationship, married, single or anything in between Valentine's Day is a reminder to show affection to those you love, starting with yourself. Here's our tips for making self-care a priority this Valentine's Day.

Give yourself a facial

It sounds so simple and but how many of us forget to prioritise our skin? Taking 20-30 minutes out of your day to do something for yourself will make you feel so good! If you can't make it to a professional skincare therapist, there's so many amazing at-home treatments and you probably have a jar of face mask sitting in your beauty cupboard, right?

Treat yourself to new, skin-loving mineral makeup 

On the topic of skin health, when was the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag and threw away those old products? Our line of mineral makeup offers quality formulas with skincare benefits that help to enhance your natural radiance. Have a browse through our website and discover how you can benefit from our clean beauty products. 

Here's our top picks for a little extra self-care treat:

    jane iredale clean beauty products

      Cook a new recipe for dinner

      This could be for yourself, your significant other, a family member, anyone! Getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to experiment with new flavours, techniques, or ingredients and learn something new! 

      Have a girl’s night out or in

      Organise your girlfriends to head to a local bar or restaurant, or meet at someone's house. Have a drink, eat some delicious food, dance the night away and enjoy each other's company.

      Destress with Makeup

      Embrace the joy of playing with makeup. Don't underestimate the serotonin boost that comes with experimenting, especially when you know a refreshing shower awaits! Get creative and bold – it's a fun way to de-stress. Check out our favourite vibrant PurePressed® Eye Shadow Palette in Solar Flare or add a daring pop of colour to your lips with our ColorLuxe Hydrating Cream Lipsticks. Our shade picks for ultimate vibrancy: Poppy and Peony!

      Use our Virtual Try On tool to get an idea of how particular shades may look on you virtually!

      jane iredale mineral makeup in bold shades: Peony ColorLuxe Lipstick, Solar Flare Eye Shadow Palette, Poppy ColorLuxe Lipstick

      Buy yourself flowers

      Thank you Miley, don't mind if we do! Or go out and get yourself a new indoor plant to add to the collection.

      Organise a picnic

      Invite your friends or family and ask everyone to bring a plate of their favourite food. This is the ultimate 'cup filler' surrounded by nature, sunshine, friends and positivity. Go on, indulge in your favourite treats!

      Brush + Skin Care

      Show your makeup brushes some love – yes, you heard us right! Some self-care rituals at home involve skincare and makeup, and your brushes are likely getting the most use. Deep cleaning your makeup brushes and tools is a quick and easy task that your skin will truly appreciate. This will ensure both the longevity of your brushes and the health of your skin - win, win!

      Give yourself the gift you'd love to receive this Valentine's Day. Self-care is a personal journey, so choose activities that resonate with you and make you feel nurtured and cherished. We have you covered with our range of high performance, cruelty-free, clean makeup products that will treat your skin, as it deserves. Ultimate skin health, mixed with acts of self-care will ensure you are prioristing yourself - enjoy, beautiful!