Getting The Most Out Of Your Mineral Makeup

Getting The Most Out Of Your Mineral Makeup

When you make the choice to wear mineral makeup, you’re making a choice that can benefit the overall health and function of your skin – so how can you get the most out of your mineral makeup?

Achieving beautiful, glowing, seemingly expertly applied makeup isn’t difficult when you choose jane iredale products, however if you’re new to mineral makeup, the difference in formula can take a little bit of getting used to.

We want you to fall in love with mineral makeup from the moment it first touches your skin. To take any potential guesswork out of the application process, we’ve compiled a handful of your most frequently asked mineral makeup questions. 

How much mineral makeup should you apply?

One of the biggest learning curves when applying mineral makeup is that a little really does go a long way – particularly when it comes to foundation. Our base products are richly pigmented, and while it’s easy to achieve a sheer, natural base with the right technique, if you’ve just made the switch to mineral it can be tempting to apply more than necessary.

The trick? Understanding that less is more. Whether your mineral base of choice is powder, cream or fluid, we recommend building your coverage up in soft layers. Begin with a sheer wash of colour, then apply fine layers of product until you’re satisfied with the result.

mineral foundation swatches

Which makeup brushes are best for mineral makeup?

Choosing the right brush for your mineral base of choice will ensure your foundation glides onto the skin with ease. 

As a general rule, the more densely packed the bristle, the higher the coverage you can achieve. If you’re using a liquid or cream foundation and want full, flawless coverage, opt for the Foundation Brush. For sheer, buildable coverage, try the Blending Brush.

The same rules apply to powder foundations. For pressed powders, choose the Handi Brush, while fans of loose powders will love the Kabuki and Chisel Powder Brush.

It’s just as important to care for your brushes as it is to choose the right one. A clean brush will ensure product doesn’t build up and deliver a patchy base, as well as keeping problematic skin, sensitivities and infections at bay. We recommend cleansing your brushes once a month using warm water and a gentle, cleansing shampoo.

How can you make your minerals last all day?

Mineral makeup is rich in skin loving ingredients, so we want our makeup to last for as long as possible on the skin so we can reap and enjoy those skincare benefits!

To ensure your makeup stays on the skin all day (and night), ensure you begin your beauty routine by using a primer. A mineral primer will fill the pores and nourish the skin, ensuring your foundation glides onto a smooth canvas.

If you spot your foundation slipping, becoming patchy or appearing shiny after a few hours of wear, lightly dust your face with a loose setting powder. We love the Amazing Base Loose Powder as it contains an SPF of 20, making it the perfect way to top up our sun protection as we touch up our makeup! What's even better is this loose powder is also available in a Refillable Brush for on the go application!

Finally, set your entire face in place using a setting spray. Our finishing mists also make for perfect handbag inclusions as, aside from setting your makeup, you can use them to give your makeup a “refresh” if your skin looks or feels dry and dull throughout the day.

How can I avoid a mineral beauty blunder?

As with all makeup, there are a few cardinal rules one must follow to ensure our mineral makeup looks as flawless as possible.

To ensure you aren’t left with an uneven base, blend, blend, blend. As mentioned above, the right brush will give you an expert touch when applying your makeup, so afford yourself the luxury of a little extra time in the mornings to really work the product into the skin. It’s also imperative that you choose a foundation or base product that suits your skin type – if your skin is naturally oily, an overly fluid foundation has the potential to slip and slide across your skin if it isn’t set correctly. Similarly, a hyper matte foundation can accentuate dryness and fine lines if your skin is naturally dry.

To ensure you’re using the right base for your face, read our guide to mineral foundations here or take the quiz.

Words and images by @gemkwatts