Glow Like The Duchess Of Sussex!

With all eyes on Meghan the Duchess of Sussex while she and Harry tour Australia it’s hard not to notice how incredibly polished she always looks; not just in what she wears, but most importantly (for us beauty enthusiasts) her radiant skin!

Meghan Markle Makeup
Image via @meghan.markle19

Three words that best describe Meghan’s makeup style: Fresh. Effortless. Chic.

If you are currently obsessing over Meghan’s makeup look like we are then you will love these products that will help you recreate Meghan’s gorgeous, natural glow:

Meghan loves wearing a foundation that glows and allows her skin and freckles to shine through. Liquid Minerals Foundation has a beautiful sheer consistency that when applied with a Foundation Brush evens out the skin tone and creates that healthy lit from within sheen.

jane iredale Liquid Mineral FoundationAchieving flawless, glowing skin with cream textured products is one thing, but you will also want it to last. Even Meghan herself and her makeup artists most likely use a little powder to set the skin, which in turn helps with the longevity. PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation is the perfect setting agent. Lightly load a Handi Brush with some mineral powder and then gently press it onto the skin in a downward motion.

For that perfect combination of light coverage and highlight for under and around the eye area Active Light Under-Eye Concealer is a one-stop shop. It looks like a pen and with a twist or two the product appears, ready to apply and blend; it can double as a creamy highlight for the face as well.

Peaches & Cream Bronzer Refill
The beauty of this product is that it’s made up of three different shimmers and one matte shade that each work as individual colours but also look gorgeous mixed together AND Peaches & Cream has in fact been used on Meghan Markle by her makeup artist!

Peaches & Cream Bronzer Refill

To create your own naturally sun-kissed look apply the Peaches & Cream Bronzer using the White Fan Brush. Swipe the brush across all four shades and lightly apply to the apples of your cheeks, gently sweeping upwards and out towards the top of your ears. This will create a healthy sheen that will also allow the cheek to stand out when photographed (very important when you are the Duchess of Sussex!)

A great little tip is to then run the brush, without adding any extra product, over the tip of the nose and hairline, this makes the colour on the cheek seem so much more natural and seamless.

Meghan keeps it quite simple on the eyes, usually opting for a swipe of a natural brown eye shadow. Try the Taupe PurePressed Eye Shadow applied with a Crease Brush for that really elegant, blended look.

Finish off the eyes with a couple of layers of mascara – if you want your lashes to stand out you can’t go past Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice. Don’t forget to prime your lashes with our PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner before applying your mascara to strengthen and help lengthen the lashes.

The final step to bring the whole look together is, of course, adding a lip colour! Meghan’s lips are always layered with the perfect shade of natural pink, be it in the form of gloss or a lipstick. We suggest our PureGloss Lip Gloss in Rose Crush if you are gloss kind of girl, or for a more matte finish try the Susan Triple Luxe Naturally Moist Long Lasting Lipstick which is a perfect soft cool pink.

Ella Triple Luxe Lipstick
There you have it, in a few simple steps you too can create your own version of the ‘Markle Sparkle’. It only takes a few products to create an effortless beauty look that will have you glowing in all the right places and in under five minutes.

Click here to learn more about our Peaches & Cream Bronzer Refill and view our application tips.

*The jane iredale Peaches & Cream Bronzer Refill was used on Meghan Markle by her makeup artist Min Min Ma – learn more here: